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Q: How long do you have to have something before its legall yours?
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How long can a person use an access road before road becomes owned by him?

Using something does not make it yours, regardless of how often or how much you use it.

If you have something and you got it for a year is it yours?

If you purchased it or were given it, it is yours. If you found it and reported it to the police and nobody came forward to claim it (in most countries) it becomes yours after a fixed period of time. If you do not report it to the police it is never yours no matter how long you keep it. If you found it, and know who it belongs to and did not return it, it is not yours no matter how long you keep it. If you were loaned it and have not returned it, it is not yours no matter how long you keep it. If you stole it, it is not yours no matter how long you keep it. Basically in life for situations like this, imagine if the 'something' is yours and now 'someone else' has had it for a year - what would you like this 'someone else' to do - then do that yourself.

What does the term before long means?

Before long mans that something will happen soon, in the near future.. You won't have to wait long before it happens.

How long does a finance company have to repo your car before you can claim it as yours?

Call a local attorney for state specific advice.

How long are long ships?

as big as yours

How long does physical property have to stay on your land before it is yours?

in Illinois it is 7 years continious possossion when claimed under color of title

How long does Georgia law allow you to keep someones belongings in your home before you can throw them out?

A year and a day. If it's not claimed by then it's yours.

Can a young person marry with parental consent?

As long as you get you're parents to sign some kind of document if you're under 18 if older 18 you are a legall adult an can do anything

How long can you take something back to Costco?

Yes you can take something back but it has to be before 3 months.

How long after doing a temporary promotion can you claim the job as yours?

In most cases, after doing a temporary promotion for 3 months you claim the job as yours. However, you should also be keen on the terms that were provided before the promotion commenced.

What does the idiom by a long shot mean?

Something that has easily been or will easily be achieved. It can mean something is way ahead of something and will complete a task long before others, or has already done so.

How long does THC stay in child's blood in the womb?

For as long as it stays in yours.