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Q: How long does an echo last in a big room?
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How can you stop a echo?

You can go into a stuffed small room and not hear an echo unlike moving into a new big house with no furniture! there would be a big echo!

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i would say ult echo echo

What are the ben 10 ultimate alien cosmic destruction aliens?

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Program for finding the greatest of three numbers in unix?

echo "enter the 3 numbers" read a b c if [ $a -gt $b ]&&[ $a -gt $c ] then echo "$a is big" elif [ $b -gt $c] then echo "$b is big" else echo "$c is big" fi

Can you prouce echo in a room?

Nothing to it. You do that every time you speak in the room. You just don't notice it, because the delay is so short. Even if you're 20 feet from a wall, the echo returns to you in only about 0.036 second, which is too soon for your hearing system to notice it. The nearest that a reflecting surface can be in order for you to notice the echo is about 60 feet away (for 0.1 sec delay). Most rooms are not that big.

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