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On a normal 12-hour clock, the minute hand moves thru 360° in 1 hour, 360° in 60 minutes, or 6° every minute. In ten seconds, the minute hand moves 1°.

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Q: How long does it take for the minute hand on a clock to move one degree?
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What is the minute hand on the clock?

The long hand

Which hand on a clock is the minute hand?

It is the long hand.

If Clock tower has a minute hand that is 14 feet long How far does the tip of the minute hand move in 10 minutes?

14ft, 7.8in.

Is the long hand on the clock the minute hand?

Yes it is. The short hand is the hour hand. fo all you simple minded people out there

How long will it take the minute hand of a clock to move from 12 to 1?

60 seconds

How do you read a clock?

the long hand is the minute hand the short hand is the hour hand the short hand show the hours the minute hand show minutes the long goes by 5's so if it was on the 4 i would be 20 mins

How long does it take the minute hand on a clock to move through 4.00 rad?

38.197 minutes.

How long does it take the minute hand to move 1 degree?

50 seconds

The minute hand of a large clock is 6ft long how far does the point of the hand move in one hour?

It depends on how big the clock is. If it is a big clock, then the hand moves faster than one that is in a small clock because the markings would be further apart.

How many rounds does the short hand and the long hand of a clock complete in one day?

Short Hand- hour hand makes 2 rounds. Long hand - minute hand makes 24 rounds

How long does it take for the hour and minute hand to go from 12 am to 12 noon?

12 hours - if the clock is accurate.

What is the length of the minute hand of 'big ben'?

The hour hand is 2.7 metres (9 ft) long and the minute hand is 4.3 metres (14 ft) long.See the Related Link.