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Average Speed = (distance traveled) / (total time),

Total time = (distance traveled) / (average speed).

So, to calculate time taken, you need to know the speed and the distance.

Note that average speed is a quantity that is normally calculated based on the distance traveled and the time taken. If you slow down and speed up, these factors affect your average speed over a given distance.

But if you were already traveling at a given speed and stay constant (say you're on a flat straight road and you're traveling at 50 miles per hour with the cruise control set), then your average speed would be that constant speed.

So, in the example, if you were going 50 MPH, then:

Total time = (distance traveled) / (average speed) = 0.34 miles / (50 miles/hour) = 0.0068 hr = 0.408 minutes = 24.48 seconds

(note this is only for the example speed of 50 MPH - plug in your own speed to obtain the result that you are looking for)

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Q: How long does it take to drive 0.34 miles?
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