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a little less than an hour

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Q: How long for a 737 to fly 150 miles?
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How many miles or hours can a Boeing 737 fly?

737-100:1,770 mi, 737-200:2,600 mi, 737 classic: 2,800, 737 next generation: 6,340.

How many miles can a Boeing 737-800 fly?

3520 miles or 3060 nautical miles.

How far can 737 fly?

How far a Boeing 737 can fly without refueling depends on its configuration. However, it is rated at 3,060 nautical miles which is about 5, 665 kilometers.

Can a 737 fly from England to turkey?

Yes, the distance a Boeing 737 can travel is approximately 4603 miles. The distance from England to Turkey is well above 2440 miles.

How Long would it take to Fly 95 Miles at 150 Miles per Hour?

38 minutes

How long can a 737 fly?

A Boeing 737 fully loaded with fuel and passengers and cargo can travel 4,444 nm.

How long can a Boeing 737 fly for?

11 hrs at max

How far can a 737-800 fly without reueling?

3060 Miles/ 4924.5 Km.

How long will it takes to fly a plane 60 miles at 150 mph?

It will take 24 minutes.

How far can a 737 fly?

3380 miles before the jets run out of fuel and the plane crashes

Does JetBlue fly the 737?

No, JetBlue does not currently operate the 737. They currently operate the A320, which is similar to the 737.

How many miles can you fly in a Boeing 737?

3,200 nautical miles (5,925 km) - two-class layout, 2,700 nautical miles - one class layout

How long to fly 76 miles at 150 miles per hour?

Dividing distance travelled by speed gives 76/150 x 60 = 30.4 minutes or 30 minutes 24 seconds.

How long does it take to fly from Miami to Clearwater?

45 hours boeing 737

How fast can a helopter fly?

150 miles per hour

Can a 737 fly from la to Hawaii?


Can a 737 fly upside down?


Can a 737-800 pilot fly 737-700's?

Yes. They're basically the same aircraft.

How long does it take to fly to Egypt from JFK airport?

In a Boeing 737 it takes 9 hours and 38 minutes

The distance to fly between Indiana and Orlando Florida?

The "as the crow flies" distance from the Indiana state line to Orlando FL is about 737 miles.

How many miles does a pigeon fly per hour?

150 miles per hour

Average altitude of 737 flying New York to Paris?

Umm a 737 can't fly from NY to Paris

Can a 737 fly NYC to London?

A 737-700ER surely can, but other 737s just can´t pull such a leg.

How fast does a Boeing 737 fly?

544 mph

How long can a flamingo fly?

They can fly about 375 miles at a time.

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