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Q: How long have 48 foot semi trailers been used for commercial transport?
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Could everyone afford to travel around Europe on the 1700s?

Not by any commercial transport. Most travel was on foot or horseback.

Can you pull a trailer behind a trailer on pa turnpikes?

Yes you can. You can pull doubles and triples. You can pull two 48 trailers and two 53 foot trailers. You can pull three 48s, but you cannot pull three 53 foot trailers.

Can you pull double 53 foot trailers in oregon?


What states are 57 foot trailers legal?

53 feet is the maximum trailer length allowed in any state. Some states will allow double and triple trailers to exceed the 53 foot limit.

What was the Mayan transport?

llamas and foot

What is the most common mode of transport?


How did Babylonian transport goods?

On foot or by horse.

Commercial real estate price per square foot seattle?

commercial real estate price per square foot san Diego commercial real estate price per square foot san Diego

What transport did the Egyptians use?

Foot, animal, boat.

What is the weight of 21 foot travel trailer?

Depends on the age, older trailers have wood framing newer ones have aluminum ones. If you go to RV web sites they usually give weight of their trailers.

What states allow 57 foot trailers and 53 foot doubles?

I know you can use them in Texas, Florida, New Mexico, Arizona, and California But can you use them in Nevada, Oregon or Washington.

What was transport like in Carthage in the past?

By foot, horse or boat.