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The length in a 60 inches by 60 inches is 240 inch.The distance covered in a 60 inch by 60 inch is 240 inch.

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Q: How long in 60in by 60in?
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What is the average length of a broom?


What is bigger 5 feet or 60in?

It is the same

How many in are in 5 ft?

60in. or 6000mm

Amy cuts a piece of 60in long How many feet long is the piece of ribion?

There are 12 inches in a foot. Therefore, divide the inches by 12.

What is 60in in feet?

60 inches is five feet.

How many feet are in 60in?

There are five feet in 60 inches.

What is 55 over 60in simplest form?

11 12

How do you get 60in 15 days?

You need to average 4 every day.

How much is 60in equal in ft?

To convert from inches to feet, divide by 12.

What is the standard length of a kingsize bed?

60in × 78in 1.5 m × 2 m

What is 8 ft 2 yd 60inch in least and greatest?

2yd, 60in, 8ft

What is bigger 4ft or 60inches?

60 inches is bigger. 60in = 5ft 48in=4ft

How many inches are there in 5 ft in 8 ft?

there are 60in in 5ft and 96in in 8 feet

Is 45 inches more than 5 feet?

no it's 3'9 (5 ft=60in.

How many gallons is a tank that is 60in x 24in x39in?

This is 56160in3 which is 243.12gallons (US) or 202.44gallons (UK).

Tell how many feet are in 60 inches?

12in = 1 foot. 60in / 12in = 5 ft

How tall is Madonna in cm?

If she is 5' 4.5" then she would be 163.83 cm. To figure this out you convert the feet to inches and add to the extra inches. 5ft*12in/ft=60in 60in+4.5in=64.5in Then to convert from inches you centimeters, you multiply by 2.54. 64.5in*2.54in/cm=183.83cm.

5 ft equals how many in?

for every foot there are 12 in. so it would be 5 x 12=60in.

Is 60in equals to one yard and two feet?

Yes, 60 inches is equal to a yard and two feet.

If you need 1 38 at 60in of fabric 2 18 at 60in of fabric and the fabric cost is 5.39 yd How much would you pay for the fabric?

1-3/8 yard + 2-1/8 yard = 3-1/2 yards x $5.39 = $18.87 ----

What is the height of the average grizzly bear?

american grizzleys are 40-60in. on all fours. 5-7ft. tall on hind

What order does 80in 2yds and 5ft go in?

From least to greatest: 5ft, 2yds and then 80in 5ft = 60in 2yd = 72in

What equals 60in equals ft?

12 in = 1 ft24 in = 2 ft36 in = 3 ft48 in = 4 ft60 in = 5 ft

How many inchesin 5 ft 9 in?

69 inches (1ft=12in, 12in times 5ft=60in+9in=69in)

How many inches is 5.5 feet?

There's 12 inches in a foot. 5ft x 12in = 60in + 5in = 65 inches