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Eight millimeters is equal to 0.31 inches. There are 24.4 millimeters in one inch and one millimeter is equal to 0.04 inches.

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Q: How long in inches is 8mm?
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8MM is how long?

0.31496063 inches

What is 8mm in standard measurement?

0.31496 inches

Convert 8mm into inches?

It is .323".

How long is 8mm?

Personally, i believe that, despite what science says, 8mm is EXACTLY 8mm long. That, i swear is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. i think....

What is the diameter of an 8mm drill bit in inches.?

For all practical purposes an 8mm drill is equal to 5/16 inch.

How long is 8mm compared to an inch?

8mm = 0.315 inch (rounded)

Is meters bigger than yards?

8mm equals what in inches?

How many feet in a 8mm reel 5 inches wide?


What is 8 mm drillbit equivalent in inches?

8mm = 0.315 inches. The closest English bit is 5/16"

What metric size wrench is the next larger size than 516 inches?


How long is platypus fur?

It depends but on average 8mm long with a thick waxy waterproof coat!

How can you watch 8mm tapes if your 8mm player is broken?

8mm tapes can only be viewed with the aid of an 8mm player. One's best bet to watch 8mm tapes in this case is to purchase another 8mm player that is not broken.

How many inches equals an 8mm drill bit?

There are 25.4 millimetres in one inch. Therefore, rounded to two decimal places, 8 millimetres is equal to 8 / 25.4 = 0.31 inches.

How long is five inches?

Five inches is as long as it is long - so it is 5 inches long.

How do you tell if you have a 8mm tape?

Measure the width of the film, if it equals 8mm then you have an 8mm tape.

What is the area of a square whose sides each measure 8mm?

64 mm squared. (8mm multiplied by 8mm)

What does 8mm equel?

8mm = 0.008 metres.

Which is greater 0.6cm or 8mm?

8mm is greater.

How long is four inches?

Four inches is four inches long.

Are all 8mm camcorders mutually compatible?

in tape size yes, but D8 takes all tapes, Hi8 only Hi8 and 8mm and 8mm only 8mm tapes

What is the surface area for a cube that is 8mm?

6 faces, each of 8mm*8mm = 6*64mm2 = 384 mm2

Is 1.8 MM smaller then 8MM?

1.8 mm is smaller than 8mm. 8mm is 4.44 times 1.8.

Do all 8mm video cassette tapes fit all 8mm video cameras?

yes, but some don't work in some cameras, D8 takes all, Hi8 only Hi8 and 8mm and 8mm video only 8mm tapes

How long is 20 cm in inches?

In inches 20cm is approximately 7.87402. To convert centimetres to inches, the length value must be divided by 2.54.

How long is 59 in inches?

59 inches is exactly 59 inches long!