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Four Years.

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Q: How long is 48 months?
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How long has coaine been around for?

approximatly 6thousand and 48 months

How long does a bata live?

A Betta is mature at 6 months in its prime at 18 months and very very lucky to be alive at 48 months.

How many months are in 4 years?

12 months in a year4 years12 x 4 =48 So48 Months... What is 12x4? It's not very hard! 48 months!48 months in 4 year It is: 4*12 = 48 months

How many months are there in 48 years?

There are 576 months in 48 years.

How many mouths are in 48 weeks?

If you mean months, there are about 11 months in 48 weeks.

How many years in 48 months?

4 years is equivalent to 48 months. One year contains 12 months.

How many hours in 48 months?

it depends what you mean by month....if 48 months have 31 days then 48x31x24=35712 hours.....if 48 months have 30 days then 48x30x24=34560 hours....hope i helped!

How long did it take to finish the twilight movie?

It was filmed in 48 days...But the rest of the 9 months took for editing!

4 years equals how many months?

There are twelve months in a year so, 12 months times 4 = 48 Months.

How long does a stock 12 volt car battery last?

Now adays about 36 - 48 months is all you get from one.

How many months is four years?

48 months.

What is two thirds of 48 months?

32 months

How do you spell 48 months?

forty-eight months

If you have not had your period for 10 months is that considered menopause?

Here you must also see your age, if it is say 48 years of age and you have not had your period for ten long months , thenit is considered menopause.

How long does it take to be a staff sergeant in the army?

At least 48 months time in the Army and 5 months time as a Sergeant. However this is the minimum and is not the normal time people make the rank.

What age child wears size 4T?

The size chart is as follows: 3 months for 0-3 months of age 6 months for 3-6 months of age 9 months for 6-9 months of age 12 months for 9-12 months of age 18 months for 12-18 months of age 24 months for 18-24 months of age 2T for 24-36 months of age 3T for 36-48 months of age 4T for 48-60 months of age 5T for 60-72 months of age You will notice that at age four the median height ranges from 38 inches at the beginning to 42 inches at the end. The size chart for inches for 4T is 38-41 inches. Thus 4T is meant for 48-60 months of age not 36-48 months.

If someone pays their bank 465.23 a month for 48 months how much will she have paid on her installment loan?

If you pay $465.23 for 48 months then you have paid $22,331.04.

For how long can a 2001 model car be financed?

It all depends on the bank and your credit. Here, with ok to good credit we can go 66 months. And I've seen terms as long as 80 months. But I definitely don't suggest going for more than 60 months on any car, preferable 36 to 48 months on used cars (such as this one).

How long does it take to elect a president?

In the USA, it apparently takes 20 months to choose and elect a president for a 48 month term.

What is 48 month equals a year?

48 months = 4 years

How many weeks are in 11 months?

11 months can be 48 weeks depending on which months you calculate.

How many months is a 4 year term of presidency?

48 months

How many months is to 4 years?

there are 48 months in 4 yrs

What is 1 third taken off 4 years?

It is: 48 months - 16 months = 32 months

How many months is 48 weeks?

With a month being 28-31 days a 48 week period (336 days) would be approximately 11 months.