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100 million meter is the distance between 2 points shot

i don't think there exists a 2 point line, actuall, there is a 3 point line and any shoot performed within that line is taken as 2 point shot.

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Q: How long is The NBA 2 point line?
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Are Olympic threes farther than pro threes?

No ... the three point line in the Olympics is closer to the goal than the NBA three point line. From the goal, the NBA three point line is 23 feet, 9 inches (7.2 meters) at the arc and 22 feet (6.7 meters) in the corners where the Olympic three point line is 22 feet, 2 inches (6.75 meters) at the arc and 21 feet, 8 inches (6.6 meters) in the corners.

When basketball first started how many points was each basketball?

Free throws were 1 point all other baskets were 2 points there was no 3 point line until the NBA merged with the ABA. the ABA invented the 3-point arc introducing it to the NBA in their merge in1976

How long is the jr high 3 point line in KY?

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How far from the basket is the 2-point line?

ummm the two point line would be anywhere inside the three point line? derrrrr

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2 words. Ray-Ray! Ray Allen

What are the difference between college and professional basketball I need as many as you can give me please?

college: two 20-minute halves. NBA: four 12-minute quarters. NBA three-point line is farther than college 3-point line. lebron James never went to college. neither did Kevin garnett. or Kobe Bryant. College has coach k. nba doesn't. ncaa is broadcasted on cbs. nba is broadcast on the abc/ESPN/Disney family of networks. ncaa mostly is kids playing because they can and for their school. nba is all people playing for the money. nothing else. ncaa playoffs include 64 teams. nba has 16 (8 from each conference) ncaa has a lot of conferences. nba has 2.

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