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1 foot = 30.48 cm

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Q: How long is a foot in metric terms?
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What is a short long metric foot called?

Times crossword Tue 6 July. 9 across - short-long metric foot = iamb

What is metric foot?

A foot is not a metric measurement. 1 foot is 0.3048 meters.

How long is a metric ruler?

A metric ruler is 30 cm in length. This type of ruler is commonly called a metric foot ruler because it is similar in length to a one foot ruler.

How long is a mile in metric terms?

1 mile = 1609 m

Is a foot metric measurement?

No, a foot is not a metric measurement. Metric measurements of length would include millimeter, centimeter, meter, and kilometer.

What is the metric equivalent of the foot?

it's about 34.5 cm.ANS 2 - the metric equivalent of a Foot is 30.4 cm

Is a foot metric or customary?

It is a customary unit.

What metric unit is closest to a foot?

30 cm is about 1 foot

Is foot a metric or customary?

It is a customary unit.

Is a foot a metric unit or English?


How long is 2 feet in Metric terms?

2 feet = 0.6096 Meters or 2 feet = 60.96 centimeters

Convert linear feet to metric metric measurement.?

1 foot = 304.8 millimeters

How many metric ton cpo in 40 foot container?

How many metric ton Crude palm oil 40 foot container?

What is equal to a foot in the metric system?

30.48 centimeters is equal to 1 foot.

What is a foot called in the metric system?

One foot is equal to 30.48 centimeters.

What is MT in terms of measurement?

A metric ton .

What is 5 foot 7 in metric?

1.7 meters.

How tall is 5 foot in metric?

1.2 meters

How many metric feet are there in 1cm?

There is no such thing as a "metric foot". Either you measure in feet, or you use metric measurements such as meters or centimeters.

How many metric ton crude palm oil in 40 foot container?

How many metric ton crude palm oil in 40 foot container?

What is the metric unit for work?

In simple terms its a Joule

Is a pound metric?

No. A pound, in terms of weight, is imperial.

The different systems of measurement in physics?

foot-pound and metric

What length is 7 foot 6 in metric?

1.9812 metre

What is 1ft in metric units?

One foot is 0.3048 metres.