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It depends on the gym. There is not a standard size.

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Q: How long is a gym in meters?
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How long is a gym size pool?

either 50 yards, 25 meters, or 50 meters

How would you measure the length of a gym by meters or kilometers?


What is the length of the gym centimenters decimeters meters kilometers?

about 5006 meters :0

What is the average size of a school gym in meters?

There is no standard size and many schools do not have a gym.

How do you measure a gym in meters or kilometers?

The dimensions of a gym would best be measured in metres (m) and not kilometres (km).

How long is gym class?

see if it was chris brown was in the gym it will take all night long

How long is a school gym?

about 120 feet is the size of a average gym

How long is 53 meters?

What do you mean? Do you mean "how long is 53 meters in yards?", or "how long is 53 meters in feet", or what?

Which metric unit would you use to find the area of a gym?

Square meters.

A pipe is 220cm long what is this in meters?

It is 2.2 meters long.

If a welding rod is 25 inches long. how long is it in meters?

0.635 meters long.

How long is the Airbus a380 in meters?

It's 72.73 meters long.

Whats a popular pool size at a gym?

It varies by gym but at many of the gyms I have gone to the length is 25 meters. If you are training to swim a certain distance you should just ask a trainer at your gym.

A rectangle is 3 meters long and 1.2 meters wide how long is the diagonal?

The diagonal is 3.231 meters.

How many square meters are there in a room which is eight meters long and six meters wide?

How many square meters are there in a room which is eight meters long and six meters wide?

What is the Appropriate unit of measure for gym floor Meters squared or kilometers squared?


How long are two meters?

Two meters.

How long is 18 meters?

18 meters

How long is 62 meters?

62 meters.

How long is 0.04115km in meters?

41.15 meters.

How long is a swimming pool in meters?

A standard Olympic swimming pool is 50 meters long, but most pools that measure in meters (and are used for competition) are 25 meters long.

What is 10 meters long by 7 meters wide in square meters?

The area of a rug that's 10 meters long by 7 meters wide is 70 square meters.

How long was Spinosaurus?

Spinosaurus was anywhere from 15 meters to 18 meters long.

A cable is 90 decimeters long how long is the cable in meters?

9 meters

1 3 as long as 6 meters meters?

13 is said to be about 0.46 as long as lenghth 6 meters.