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30 inches or 2 feet and 6 inches

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Q: How long is a piece of rope that is 7 yards and 9 inches?
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Greg has a rope 6 yards long How many inches long is the rope?

The rope is equivalent to 216 inches long.

If i have seven and one quarter yards of rope and i cut 3 inches off each end of the rope. then WITH THE REMAINING rope into equal pieces for a project. what will be the length of each piece of rope?

7.25 yards = 261 inches - 6 inches = 255 inches Divide 255 by however many pieces there are.

If a piece of rope that is 2 yards cut off 28 inches how much rope does she have left?

2 yards = 36 x 2 inches. So, 72 inches.72 inches - 28 inches = 44 inchesThe answer is 44 in. or 1 yd. and 8 in.

Greg has a piece of of rope that is 5 meters How long is the rope?

5 meters, or 500 centimeters, or about 5.47 yards, or 16.41 feet.

How many inches long is three yard of rope?

1 yard = 36 inches so 3 yards = 3*36 = 108 inches. Simple!

A rope 64 inches long is cut into three pieces The second piece is 4 inches longer than the first The third piece is 6 inches longer than the first How many inches long is each piece?

first piece is 18 inces second is 22 inches third is 24 inches

If you have a rope that is 78 feet long how many yards is it?

26 yards long

What is 13 yards long?

A fence A rope A driveway

How long in inches is 3.14 of rope?

its about 3 inches but a little over

How long is a rope that is 2 yards shorter than another rope that is three times times the length of the first rope?

1 yard.

If a jump rope is 7 feet long. What is the length in inches, of the jump rope?

Depends on the lenght. Jump ropes can be long or short.

How big is the car park?

How long is a piece of rope?