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An acre is 43,560 square feet, so sqrt(43560) = 208.71032557111303591192697393256 Which makes each side of an acre that is square approx. 209 feet.

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Q: How long is each side of an acre that is square in shape?
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How wide is a square acre?

An acre of area can have any shape at all. If it's laid out in a square shape, then each side of the square is 208.71 feet long. (rounded)

What is dimension of 27 acres?

It depends on the shape of the area. If the shape of the 27-acre area is a square, then each side would be 1,084.49 feet long.

How many feet by how many feet equals half acre square?

"Acre" is a measure of the surface area. There's no such thing as "acre square".And knowing the amount of surface area doesn't tell you anything about the shapeor dimensions of the area.-- 1 acre is the name given to 43,560 square feet of area.-- If that much area has the shape of a circle, its diameter is 235.5 feet.-- If that much area is shaped like a square, then each side is 208.7 feet long.-- But the acre of area doesn't have to be a circle or a square. It could bean egg shape, a kidney shape, a kite shape, or a crescent moon shape.-- It could be a long skinny rectangle, 1 foot wide and 8.25 miles long, and it wouldstill have one acre of area.Your question concerns 1/2 acre. That's 21,780 square feet of area.(It's also 2,420 square yards of area, or 3,136,320 square inches of areaif we want to get extreme about it.)1/2 acre of area can be any shape you want. IF it's square, then each sideof the square is 147feet 6.97inches long.

How long is each side of a 40 acre square?

One side of a 40-acre square is 1,320 feet.

How many yards are on each side of a square-shaped half acre?

Each side of square-shaped half acre is: 49.2 yards long.

How long is an acre?

Acre is a measurement of area therefor it does not necessarily have a given length.However if it was square shaped an acre would be 208.71 feet long on each side. From: 1 acre = 43,560 square feet. Take the square root of 43,560 to get 208.71an acer is 10000000000000 feetAn acre is 4840 square yards, which can be in any shape. A strip of ground 4840 yards long (2 and 3/4 miles) by one yard wide would be an acre, as would one roughly 208 feet square.

How many feet in one side of one acre which is perfectly square?

Each side of a square acre is: 208.7 feet long.

What is the square of 43560 square feet?

(43,560 square feet)2 = 1,897,473,600 feet4 . That number has no physical significance. 43,560 square feet is the area usually called "one acre". An acre can have any shape. If it's square, then each side of the square is 208.71-ft long. (rounded)

What is the measurement of an acre of land?

1 acre = 43,560 square feet = 4,840 square yardsAn acre of land can be round, oval, square, rectangular, triangular, hexagonal, or irregular. Knowing the area doesn't tell what the shape is. In fact, it can be any shape; so long as it has a total area of 43,560 square feet, it is one acre.

How long and how wide is one acre?

An acre is a measure of area L x W , 43,560 square feet. . It has no predetermined shape.

How long is a square forty acres?

A 40-acre square is 1,320 feet on each side.

How wide is a acre of land and how long?

An acre is a unit of area. It can have many different dimensions and can be in any shape, including regular and irregular polygons. The square footage for 1 acre is 43560 square feet.

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