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5 miles = 3.107 miles, approx.

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Q: How long is five kilometers in miles?
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How long in km is five miles?

5 miles = ~8.05 kilometers.

How long is 5000km is miles?

Five thousand kilometers is equal to 3106.85596 miles.

How many kilometers are in five miles?

5 miles = 8.04672 kilometers

If the race is five kilometers then it is about three point one miles long?

Yes. 3.10685 miles to be more exact.

How many miles is twenty-five kilometers?

25 kilometers=15.5342798 miles

How large is five kilometers in miles?

3.125 miles.

How long is 4 kilometers in miles not kilometers?

4 kilometers = 2.485 miles (rounded)

How long is 101.000 kilometers in miles?

101 kilometers are 62.7 miles.

How long is 200 kilometers in miles?

200 kilometers = 124.274238 miles

How long is 300000 kilometers in miles?

300,000 kilometers = 186,411 miles (rounded)

How many kilometers and meters are equal to three kilometers and nine meters?

Your question does not make sense. That is like saying, how many miles are equal to five miles? Well obviously, the answer is five miles...

How many miles long is New York City?

New York State is 330 miles (530 kilometers) long.