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There is no definitive answer to this question. An acre is by definition 4840 square yards but the perimeter of an acre could vary. E.g. if the acre is a rectangle 22 yards by 220 - as traditionally defined - the perimeter is 484 yards. If the acre is a perfect square (square root of 4840 long) then the perimeter is 278 yards. The acre could just as well be traingular, trapeziodal or even circular...

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Q: How long is the primeter of a an acre that is 4840 sq yards?
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How many linear yards in 1 acre?

A linear yard is a measure of length with one dimensionAn acre is a measure of area with two dimensions.A rectangle 22 yards (a chain) wide by 220 yards (a furlong) long has an area of 4840 square yards which is also the area of 1 acre.A rectangle 10 yards wide by 484 yards long also has an area of 4840 square yards or 1 acre.A rectangle 1 yard wide by 4840 yards long also has an area of 4840 square yards or 1 acre.

How many square-yards make an acre?

An acre is traditionally a field that could be plowed in one day using oxen. It was 220 yards long and 22 yards wide, so its area is 22 x 220 = 4840 square yards Also, an acre equals 43,560 square feet. A square yard equals 9 square feet. An acre equals 4840 square yards (43,560 divided by 9)

How many acres are in a square 1mile long by 1 mile wide?

A square mile is 3,097,600 square yards and one acre is 4840 square yards, so there are 640 acres (3,097,600/4840) in a square mile.

How many acres is in a field that is 140 yards long and 100 yards wide?

One acre is 43,560 square feet or 4840 square yards. The conversion would be 2.89 acres.

How many feet long and wide is 1 acre of land?

1 acre is equal to 43,560 square feet or 4840 square yards. The length and width can have any value.

How long is an acre?

Acre is a measurement of area therefor it does not necessarily have a given length.However if it was square shaped an acre would be 208.71 feet long on each side. From: 1 acre = 43,560 square feet. Take the square root of 43,560 to get 208.71an acer is 10000000000000 feetAn acre is 4840 square yards, which can be in any shape. A strip of ground 4840 yards long (2 and 3/4 miles) by one yard wide would be an acre, as would one roughly 208 feet square.

How acres does it take to make a mile?

An acre is 4840 sq yards. It can square, rectangular, long and thin, or any shape! A mile is a measure of length. An area that is 1 mile by 1 mile square contains 640 acres. A mile (UK) is 1760 yards long. If you have one acre of land that is a thin strip only 2.75 yards wide, it will be exactly one mile long (2.75 x 1760 = 4840)

How long is a acre in yards?

Answer: 1 acre = 4,840 square yards.

How large is .40 acre?

It's useful to remember that a piece of ground 1 furlong long and 1 chain wide is an acre. Before the advent of the farm tractor this was considered to be a good day's work for the horse pulling the plough and the farm worker guiding it. A "furlong" comes from a "furrow long" and is 220 yards in length. The "chain" (which was an early measuring device for measuring land) has a length of 22 yards (the same as the length of a cricket pitch from stumps to stumps). By multiplying the 220 yards by the 22 yards you should have 4840 square yards for 1 acre. So 0.40 of an acre, which is 4 tenths of 4840 = 484 X 4 = 1936 square yards.

How many acres are in an area 3256 feet long by 1927 feet wide?

One acre is 43,560 square feet or 4840 square yards. The conversion would be 144 acres.

How do you figure outside dimension of 9 square acre?

As an acre is a measure of area (a 2-dimensional object), a square acre is a 4-dimensional object; visualising 4-dimensional objects is not easy in our 3-dimensional space. -------------------------------- Assuming you meant a square area which is 9 acres in size, then: 1 acre = 4840 sq yds → 9 acres = 9 × 4840 sq yds = 43560 sq yds → a square with an area of 9 acres has a side length of √43560 yards ≈ 208.71 yards (perimeter of approx 834.84 yards) An area of 9 acres can have any shape you want. The smallest perimeter is when the 9 acres is circular in shape, in which case the perimeter is the circumference of the circle with area of 9 acres and is approx 739.86 yards long. Any other shape will have a perimeter that is longer than this. Other examples are a rectangle 9 yards wide and 4840 yards long (perimeter 9699 yards); a rectangle 198 yards wide (9 chains) by 220 yards long (1 furlong) (perimeter 836 yards).

How many Gaz will come in one Acre?

gaz is nothing but Square Yard. 1 Acre = 4840 gaz (220 gaz long and 22 gaz wide)

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