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Q: How long is the unit clerk course?
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How much money does a unit clerk earn in Canada?

In Canada you can earn $20 PLUS per hour considering you have completed a Nursing Unit Course and have the consequent certification.

How long to be a law clerk?

It takes two year full time to study this course

How much does a secretary unit clerk with no experience get paid?

I just got offered a job as a unit clerk in a children's hospital, no experience, and I make about 22.50 an hour

What kind of training courses do you take to become a accounts payable clerk that does not take long?

You will normally have to undertake a AAT Level 2 Course in Accounting.

How long is the commanders safety course?

The Army Commanders Safety Course is a course for unit leaders and commanders. It is a tool to help ensure leaders and commanders follow all safety precautions.

How much does a nursing unit clerk make in BC?

$21.00 an hour. They should get paid alot more

Where can you find information regarding the normal study time per course?

The "rule of thumb" is two hours of study time weekly per each unit of a course. For example, if you are taking a 2 unit course, you should expect to study 4 hours each week; a 3 unit course requires 6 hours of study; and a 4 unit course requires 8 hours of study each week.

Is second a part of the SI unit?

s of course it is unit in SI system.........according to it..........

Can a ward clerk call in a prescription for a patient?

Anyone can call in a prescription for a patient as long as they have the credentials. A ward clerk would meet this requirement.

How can you find out when your love one will be coming home from Afghanistan?

You can contact his unit here. Although his unit has been deployed, there is a contingent still back here in the states. It could be part of command, or portions of his actual unit. Contact the public information officer (or unit clerk) and ask.

What is a square that is one unit wide and one unit long?

Square unit

How long is Russian spetsnaz training?

It depends on the unit. You will probalby find the specific inrormation on some website of the army or you could call them, but of course you'd need to know Russian to do that.