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40 minutes

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Q: How long it from twenty minutes to five until twenty minutes past five?
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How long is it from twenty minutes to five until twenty minutes past five?

Answer 1:20 + 20 = 40 minutesAnswer 2:Unable to determine. Twenty minutes till five pm or am? Twenty minutes after five pm or am? Possibly it is forty minutes. Could be as long as 12 hours and forty minutes.

How long do you cook mini cupcakes?

About an hour && twenty- five minutes!

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About twenty-five minutes.

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I say twenty to twenty five minutes

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It takes one hour and twenty-five minutes to fly from Chicago to Newark.

How long does it take for Skittles to melt in your mouth?

It's about three minutes and twenty-five seconds. But I could be wrong...

How long is 200 minutes?

3hours and twenty minutes

How long do hummingbirds waite until they eat again?

every five or (5) minutes

How long does it take for a healthy 40 yr old female to complete a 20k?

three hours twenty five minutes

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The first time, three hours; the second time, twenty five minutes.

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Approximately 25 minutes * * * * * 23.08 minutes, approx.

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