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It would be 3/8 of an inch long or wide.

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Q: How long or wide would something that is three eights of an inch?
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Where On a ruler where would five eights of an inch be?

1 inch

How much is three eights of an inch in Millimeters?

9.525 millimeters.

How many millimetres is three eights of an inch?

3/8 inch is 9.525 millimeters.

What is 0.93 inch equal to in eights of an inc?

It is 7.44 eights of an inch.

How many millimeters is two eights of an inch Two eights of and inch?


How long is three eights of an inch?

One inch is equal to 2.54 centimetres. Three eighths of an inch is equal to 3/8 x 2.54 = 0.9525 centimetres.

How many eights are in a inch?


How many eights are there in an inch?


How much water volume does a three eights of an inch hose carry per foot?


What does one half inch and five eights inch equal?


What is the decimal for 7 eights of an inch?

7/8 = 0.875 of an inch

How much pressure does it take to get eight gallons per minute through a three eights inch diameter orifice?

It would take approximately 2 + 2= poo

How big is a termite?

Termites come in a wide range of sizes. Dampwood termites, the largest is the US, can grow up to five-eights of an inch in length. Subterranean worker termites, which are the most common, can grow to be three-eights of an inch in length.

How many milimeters is five eights of an inch?

5/8 inch is 15.875mm

7 eights of an inch is how many mm?

7/8 inch is 22.225mm

Value of smith and Wesson model 57 nickel eight and three eights inch barrel?

100-600 USD

What does one eights inch equal to mm?


How many mm is 5 eights of an inch?

5/8ths inch = 15.875 millimeters.

What is 0.66 inch equal to in eights of an inch?

0.66 is approximately 2/31/8 = 0.125You can fit 0.66/0.125 = 5 eights in 0.66, but you're left with 7/200 which is too small to divide in eights.

How many 6 and seven eights inch long by a 42 inch long rope?


What is 0.79 inch equal to in eights of an inch?

A little more than 6/8 (0.75)

How much gasoline will flow through a 5 foot section of three eights inch pipe at 6 lbs residual pressure?

A lot.

Where is seven eighth of an inch on a ruler?

Find the part of the ruler where the inch is divided into eight parts. Then count along seven. Seven eights is almost a whole inch. It is half a quarter MORE than three quarters.

What size are the freeze plugs on a 2000 dodge durango 5.9L RT?

MY 2000 dodge ram 5.9 has 1-inch and five eigths and 1 that is an inch and 1 that is an inch and seven eights. these are the three in the back of the engine .

How many eights equal one inch?

there are 8 of those 1/8 inches in 1 inch.