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i swim a fair bit. an average swimmer will swim 50 metres in about 1 and a half minutes breastroke. maybe 10 seconds faster if front crawl

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Q: How long should it take the average swimmer to do 50 meters?
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How long does it take to swim 1000 meters for an average swimmer?

9 min 51 sec - 15.31 On my swim team

How long does it take for an average person to swim 1 mile?

It depends on what you mean by average. a competitive swimmer should do it in about 20 minutes. A normal swimmer should take 30-45 minutes.

How long should it take a club swimmer to complete the butterfly in 50 meters?

around 34 seconds for a girl 11-12

How long to swim 1500 meters?

How long it takes to swim 1500 meters depends entirely on how fast a swimmer you are. For me it takes 20-25 minutes.

How long can the average swimmer hold their breath?

20-45 seconds

How long will it take for the average person can swim 2640 yards?

It is debatable about what an average person is. An average swimmer can swim 2640 yards in about 30-50 minutes. It just depends if they are a swimmer.

How long would it take to swim 600 meters?

It depends on the swimmer. If you are a good swimmer it will only take less than 7 minutes.

What does an average swimmer weigh?

there is no average weight to a swimmer as theres different ages, heights, body builds and genders. As long as your healthy, fit and strong, your weight does not matter x

How long should it take a beginner swimmer to swim 375 meters?

Without stop should take about 8 minutes for a beginner unless he or she is pretty fast. Say 6 - 8 minutes?

How long does it take to swim across the Atlantic?

For an average swimmer definitely at least a month.

When was Long Distance Swimmer created?

Long Distance Swimmer was created in 2007.

How long does it take to swim 50m on average?

For men the World record for 50m freestyle is under 21 seconds, while a reasonable club swimmer should be able to swim 50m freestyle in around 25 seconds. A good time for an average non-club swimmer should be around the 30 second mark

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