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6 hours 34 minutes @75 mph

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Q: How long to drive 493 miles while driving 75mph?
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How long would it take drive 80 miles while driving 80 mph?

One hour.

Is it normal for a 2000 Volkswagon Beetle rpm's run at 4000 while driving 75mph?

No, that is not normal. Should be around 2500 rpms.

How many hours will it take to drive 475 miles while driving 75 miles per hour?

6 hours 20 minutes.

How far is it to drive 32 miles going 3 miles per hour?

-- It is 32 miles, regardless of your speed while driving it. -- At that speed, you need 10hours 40minutes to cover that distance.

How do you be safe while driving?

You buckle up and you drive safe

How many miles is naples to the everglades?

It is 121 miles to the Everglades National Park at Homestead, FL. While driving there you will drive through the Big Cypress Nation Preserve at Ochopee, FL.

How many hours will it take to drive 628.08 miles while driving at 65 mph?

just less than ten. 9 and a half i think.

How long does it take to drive 555 miles?

That is entirely dependant on the speed you are driving at. At one mile per hour it would take 555 hours to drive 555 miles, while at 555 miles per hour it would only take one hour.

Is drinking and driving illegal?

It is illegal to drive while impaired, but rarely illegal to drink and drive unless impaired. It is sometimes illegal to drink WHILE driving even if not intoxicated.

What is the percentage of people who text while driving?

the percentage of people who text while driving is equal to the percentage of people who have phones and can drive

What is the difference between driver's license and driving license?

a driving license is the license to drive while a driver's license is a person who has the license to drive

Would leaving the transmission dipstick out on a 2001 Ford Taurus cause damage after driving for about 1000 highway miles?

if you get dirt in a transmission while drive 1000 miles you could ruin it. no question about it...

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