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2 mintes

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Q: How long will it take a train that's 1 mile long to travel completely to a 1 mile long tunnel if it moves at the rate of 1 mile per minute?
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How many degrees does the minute hand on a clock travel when it moves through one minute?

6 degrees.

The hour hand on a clock moves one half of a degree every minute how many degrees will the hand move in one hour?

the hour hand moves 30 degrees in every hour, the minute hand moves 6 degrees each minute Clocks hand moves 1/60 of a degree every minute1 hour = 60 minutes60 * 1/60 = 1The clocks hand move 1 degree an hour

How many miles does the sun travel in 1 minute?

The sun orbits around the center of our galaxy at a distance of 26,000 lightyears, making a circuit in about 250 million years. It moves at about 220 km/sec, or 136.7 miles/sec, so in one minute it moves 8,202 miles.

If a snail moves 5 centimeters in 10 seconds how fast in meters per minute can a snail move?

The snail moves 0.3m per minute.

How many degrees does the min hand on a clock travel when it moves one min?

The minute hand in a clock in most cases sweeps 360 degrees every hour. So in one minute the angle swept is 360/60 = 36/6 = 6 degrees

How long does it take for the minute hand on a clock to move one degree?

On a normal 12-hour clock, the minute hand moves thru 360° in 1 hour, 360° in 60 minutes, or 6° every minute. In ten seconds, the minute hand moves 1°.

Which moves faster the hour or minutes hands?

Minute hand.

What form does energy travel in?

it moves in a pyramid

What does water that moves in an ocean travel in?


What you are going to do when Travel moves?

Break up

The hour hand moves than the minute hand?

Slower? less?

How long does it take the minute hand to move to 6 degrees?

The minute hand moves 360 degrees in 60 minutes so 6 degrees takes 1 minute.