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Fifty thousand days or roughly 137 years.

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Q: How long will it take to spend half a billion dollars if you spend 10000 a day?
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What is one half of a billion dollars?

One half of one billion dollars is 500,000,000 dollars.

What is half of a billion dollars?


How much is half billion in Indian rupee?

If you mean a half billion American dollars then it is 24,744,850,000 INR.

How do you write out half a billion dollars?


How many dollars in half a billion?

Five hundred million, or $500,000,000 (In US Dollars.)

What is one-half of one percent of 1 billion dollars?

5 million dollars

What could you get if you had half a billion dollars?

Everything that is valued at $500 million dollars or less.

What is 34 percent of one and one half billion dollars?

510 million dollars.

How do write one and half billion dollars?

$1,500,000,000.00 or $1.5 billion (USD).

What is the value of 10000 pounds sterling from 1776?

about half a million dollars now

How much cash does birdman have?

Over Half A Billion Dollars

How much is half a billion euros in us dollars?


Can you spend a gold half dollar?

U.S. half dollars were never made of gold.

What is one half percent of 862 billion dollars?

1/2 percent of $862 billion = $4310000000

What is the value of 1971 half-dollars?

They are 50 cents, spend them.

How much was Michael Jackson debt?

they say it was half a billion dollars

What is the cost of saving polar bears?

3 billion and a half dollars

Half a billion dollars in pounds?

284.62458 million British pounds

What is the average lease price in a mall?

half a billion dollars per year

What charges was UBS facing prior to the recent settlement of over a billion and a half dollars?

UBS was facing Libor rigging (fixing interest rate benchmark) charges prior to the recent settlement that was reached for over a billion and a half dollars.

How much is 10000 dollars in US money in euro?

about 5,000 euros. the currency is almost half of whaT USA is

How much is Michael Jackson worth in 2010?

Recent web artiicles have stated Michael Jackson has made about 1 billion dollars since his death. minus the half billion he owed when he died, that would still leave him with a half billion. so i think that would make him worth a half billion.

How much is an Angus London roll top desk worth?

half a billion dollars

What is today's value of 1948 10000?

The value today, of 10,000 dollars from 1948 will be about 99,500 dollars. This is estimated at an interest rate of three and a half percent.

How much on average does Paris Hilton spend a day?

Paris would spend about half and million dollars in one days shopping