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Q: How long will it take two copiers working together to copy a dissertaion if one can finish in 8 min and another can finish in 14?
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What is another word for working together?

Collaboration - work together

What is another word for everything working together?

in unison

Another word to work together?

Two words for working together are cooperate or collaborate.

What is working together to meet the needs of another organism called?


What is another word for working together in one organization?


What is ment by collaborative working?

working together with another/ with others The col- prefix means 'with', so to collaborate is to labor with (others).

How did the economic specializations of each of the colonies lead to their interdepence on one another?

by working together

When organ systems work together they form another level of organization called?

what are weels working together in a system are called

How does the word confederate relate to the word Confederation?

I do not know the answer but i am pretty sure that they they relate in working together in secret but within no secret. So i THINK that the answer is working together with another person but within no secret.

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uncoordinated, at 6's and 7's, uncooperative,

What are the groups of tissues working together inside a cell?

Cells don't have groups of tissues working together, but they do have organelles working together. Tissues are made up of multiple cells working together.

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No, a cell is a group of organelles working together. A tissue is a group of cells working together.