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To find out how long it will take to drive 470 miles at 40 mph, divide 470 by 40. The answer is 11.75 hours or 11 hours and 45 minute.

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Q: How long will take to drive 470 miles at 40 mph?
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Related questions

How long does it take to drive 470 miles?

At 60 MPH average, about 7.8 hours.

How long will it take to drive 470 miles driving at 70 mph?

It will take 6.71 hours approximately.

How long will it take to drive 470 miles driving at 75 mph?

Six hours, 16 minutes

How long does it take to drive from Carleton Place Ontario to New Jersey?

The overall distance is about 470 miles.The estimate time it will take is about 8 hours.

How long is the drive from Chicago to St. Louis?

About 292 miles or 470 kilometers. It's about a 5 hour drive.

How long is the drive from Nashville TN to Panama City FL?

It is 470 miles according to Google Maps.

How long will a 470 mile trip take at an average speed of 45 miles per hour?

470 / 45 = 10.444r hours.

How far is St. Louis from Dalton Georgia?

470 miles 8 hours and 3 minutes give or take on how you drive hope this helps

How long to travel by car 470 miles?

Depends on the average miles per hour. At 47 miles per hour, it will take 10 hours.

What is drive distance in miles from Ellsworth Maine to New York City New York?

It is about 470 miles.

What is the driving distance from Atlanta Georgia to New Orleans?

The distance between Atlanta and New Orleans is 470 miles and will take about 7 hours 10 minutes to drive.

How long was the longest world war 1 trench?

about 470 miles long

How far to drive from Douglas Georgia to Miami Florida cruise ship terminals?

about 470 miles

How many kliometers is 470 miles?

470 miles = 756.3917 km

How many kilometeres is 470 miles?

470 miles = 756.39168 kilometers

How many miles is 470 kilometers?

It is about 5/8 times 470 = 293.75 miles

How much diesel will you need to drive 470 miles?

depends on the car or is it a semi... Big trucks usaully get about 5-7 miles per gallon, cars and pickups much better mpg.

If you drive the first 120 miles of a 470 mile trip in 3 hours how fast must you drive the remainder of the trip if the total trip takes 8 hours?

If the first 120 miles takes 3 hours, then the remaining 350 (470 - 120) miles has to be completed in 5 (8 - 3) hours. Velocity = Distance ÷ Time : Velocity = 350 ÷ 5 = 70 mph The speed over the final 350 miles is therefore 70mph.

How many miles is edinbugh to dover?

about 470 miles

How many miles in 470 kilometers?

292 miles.

How many miles is 470 kilometres?

292 + Miles.

How many miles is 470 km?

Answer: 470 km = 292.044 mi.

How many miles is Jupiter from the sun?

470 million miles

How many miles by road stuttgart to Calais?

About 470 miles.

What is the miles from Hartford CT to Pittsburgh PA?

470 miles