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a desk would prolly be less than a meter because 1 meter is 36 inches (3 feet)

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Q: How long would a desk be in meters?
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How would you measure a desk centimeters or meters?


Are Oak computer desks comfortable for long periods of time?

Ultimately it does not matter about the material of your desk as long as it is sturdy and long lasting. An oak computer desk would be long lasting and would wear slowly. If you got a gel cusion for your wrists the oak computer desk would be fine.

Can you measure a desk with grams?

Grams are a unit of weight, so no, you cannot measure a desk with grams. You would measure it with meters which are units of length.

What metric unit would you be best to measure a desk?

To measure the external dimensions, you would probably use meters. To measure the weight, you'd use grams or kilograms, depending on the size of the desk.

What are the Measurements of a school desk?

It depends on which school desk. But mostly, it is measured in meters or centimeters.

What unit of length would you use to measure the length of the desk?

Meters, centimeters, or millimeters. Take your pick.

At 3.33 meters rate how long would it take you to walk 100 meters?

You didn't tell us how long it took to walk those 3.33 meters, so it is impossible to know how long 100 meters would take.

How many meters make up 15 square meters?

15. That is if you had an area that was 15 meters long and one meter wide that would be 15 square meters. Now it you had an area that was 5 meters long and 3 meters long you would also have 15 square meters. So there is no one certain answer to your question as you asked it. You would need to change the question.

How long is a desk?

Depends on the desk.

What is the measure in meters of the top of a desk?


How many meters in a classroom desk?


About how many meters high is a desk?

0.9 metres

What SI unit would use to express the height of your desk?

Meters!! which i think is the answer to number 2 in the science homework:) ~Brittany(:

How long would a car be 4 meters or 4 kilometers?

4 meters

How long is 1 000 meters?

1000 meters is 1000 meters long. If you would like it converted to another unit of measure, please specify.

Which metric unit is best for measuring the width of a desk?

It depends on the width of the desk. You could use centimeters or meters.

What is in your desk in French?

if you whant your desk it would be mon pupitre... if you just whant desk it would be pupitre. :)

How long is a school desk?

how long is a school desk?

Is a desk 3 feet long or 3 yards long?

It depends where your from and the size of the desk

How long can a sturdy desk last?

A sturdy desk can last for a very long time. The main factor is how well the owner maintains the desk. The other variable will be what material the desk is made from.

What is the area of rectangle 12 meters long and 8 meters wide?

It would be 12x8=96 square meters

How long would a line of a million centimeter cubes convert into meters?

the answer is 40 meters .

What is 7.24 meters long and 4.002 meters high?

It would have an area of 7.24 times 4.002 = 28.97448 square meters

What types of items would be included in antique desk sets?

There are a few different items that would be included in an antique desk set. One would be the chair that comes with the desk, and another is a desk cover.

Is the pool at the YMCA 25 meters or 25 yards?

Pool's are generally measured in meters, so 25 meters would be correct. 25 yards would be 75 feet long, and that's an exceptionally long pool.

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