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Q: How long would it take to spend 1 billion dollars if you spend 100 each day?
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How much do Americans spend on lollipops?

600 billion dollars a year for each person

How much do Americans spend on sports drinks?

American's spent 5.4 billion dollars last year. Sports drinks is one of the largest sub categories of drinks in the US.

How much do tax payers spend on marijuana related crimes?

7.5-10 billion dollars each year.

How much money does Americans spend on chocolate each year?

13 billion dollars a year the USA spends a year.

How much money is spent in the diet industry each year in Canada?

Canadians spend 7 billion dollars each year on diet and exercise in Canada. In the U.S., it is a 55 billion dollar industry.

If I spend 350000000. Dollars on 350000000. People how much do they receive?

If you mean you have 350000000 dollars to spend on on 350000000 people - 1 dollar each. If you mean 350,000,000 dollars for each of 350,000,000 people - 122,500,000,000,000,000 dollars !

How many months would it take to spend 1 million dollars if you spend 1000 each month?


How much does Kellogg spend on advertising each year?

Kellogg's spends approximately 2 billion dollars a year on advertising, which is one third of their revenue.

How many dollars do tourist spend each year?

How many dollars do tourist spend each year in australia?-41 thousand

If each dress cost 250 dollars and you have 3500 dollars to spend how many dresses can you buy?

3500 dollars would buy 14 dress at 250 dollars each.35000/250 = 14

How long would it take you to spend a million dollars if you spent a thousand dollars each day?

1000 days. (less than 3 years)

How much does a spirit cost?

2.2 billion dollars each