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Q: How long would it to to walk one mile?
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How long is one mile fifth grade homework?

if you walk 4 miles an hour how long would it take you to walk a mile

How do you work out how long to walk one mile?

Depends on how fast you walk If you walk at 1 mile per hour I would say it would take you about 1 hour lol

How long does it take for a sloth to walk a mile?

Depends on how fast you walk. I you walk 5 miles an hour, it would take 12 minutes to walk one mile.

How many times do you have to walk a one third mile track to make a mile?

if it is a 1/3 mile track then you would walk it 3 times to equal 3/3 or 1 whole mile

How do you run a mile in 1 day?

If you can't run one mile in a day, you should start focusing on quick walking. It is the best way to get your physical condition better if you can't run for long amounts of time. One mile shouldn't be that hard, and it doesn't take long for one to be able to run that distance.

How long does it take to drive one mile at 20 mph?

At 20 mph how long would it take to drive one mile?

If you walk at 0.2 mph how long will it take to go one mile?

1 / 0.2 = 5 hours.

How long does it take to walk one third of a mile?

5 minutes is you are of average build

60mph how long to drive a mile?

One mile at 60mph would take just one minute.

Is 1 mile long?

One mile is equal to 5,280 feet, so yes I would say it is long.

How long does it takes a someone to walk one mile?

depends on your walking speed, but usually about 15 to 20 minutes

If you walk 1 mile in 13 minutes how fast do have to walk?

To acheive a time of 13 minutes in one mile you have to walk at least 4.62 mph.