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225 bricks.

16in * 16in = 256 sq. in.

20ft = 240in.

240in * 240 in = 57,600 sq. in.

57,600 sq. in. / 256 sq. in. = 225.

225 bricks is your answer.

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Q: How many16x16 inch bricks would you need to cover a 20x20 foot patio?
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How many 9x6 inch bricks would you need to lay for a 20x20 foot patio?

you would need 12...

How many 12 pavers to cover a 20'x20' patio?

You would need 20 pavers 20 times which is 20x20=400.

What does it cost to put a 20X20 patio in?

depends where u buy it?

How many 12x12 inch bricks would you need to build a 20x20 patio?

A 12 x 12 inch brick is 1 square foot. A 20 x 20 (foot) patio is 400 square feet, so you would need 400 bricks.. this assumes you are butting the bricks fairly tight, not leaving large seperations between them, etc...

A circular shaped patio had 6in bricks around its border the diameter of the patio was 10ft approximately how many bricks were around the patio?


How many bricks would you need if the area of the patio is 50 square meters and one brick is 10 centimeter by 20 centimeters?

The answer will depend on the shape of the patio. If it curved then some bricks will need trimming and that will result in wastage and so a larger number of bricks will be required. Also, if the patio leaves a small fractional amount after a whole number of bricks, you will need a lot more bricks. As an extreme example, if the patio is 8 cm*625 metres then you will need 3125 bricks. However, if the shape is convenient, you will require 2500 bricks.

How many bricks does it take to make a 6' x 6' patio?

Depends on the size of the bricks.

How many 12x12 bricks for a 19ft x 4ft patio?

Assuming the 12x12 bricks are 12 feet on each side, those are 144 square feet. The patio itself is 76 square feet. Unless you made a typo, not even one of those bricks is going to fit on the patio; you end up with about 0.5278 bricks.

What should the slope of your patio cover be if the patio cover be if the home is 9ft 2in?

2.5 in

How many 12x12 bricks for 9'x9' patio?


How many 12 inch patio bricks do we need to build a 12 foot by 12 foot patio?


How many bricks would you need if the area of a patio is 19 feet by 14 feet?

The answer will depend on the size of the bricks!

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