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one thousand

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Q: How many 1.00 bills would equal 10000 dimes?
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How many 100 dollar bills equals 10000 dimes?

you would need 1000 hundred dollar bills

How many dimes equal 10 dollars?

There are 10 dimes in a dollar, so 10 dollars times 10 dimes would equal 100 dimes.

How many dimes would you expect to be in 10000 dollars?


How would you pay 6.95 with dollars dimes and nickels?

You would use 6 - one dollar bills, 9 dimes, and 5 nickles. You could also vary the dimes and nickles.

How many nickels equal 7 dimes?

Two nickels equal the value of one dime, therefore fourteen (14) nickels would equal the value of seven (7) dimes.

How many rows of dimes make 2.00?

Ten dimes equals $1.00, so Twenty dimes would equal $2.00 ... two rows of ten times would do it. A roll of dimes contains $5 when rolled by a merchant or bank.

What is the size of million dollors in one hundred dollor bills?

1000000/100 = 10000, that is you would have a stack of 10,000 hundred dollar bills.

What would equal more money a gallon jug of quarters or dimes?

its obvious, quarters

How high would 1 million dollars in 100 bills be?

0.004 in * 10000 = 40 in that's assuming that the bills are completely flat and that there's no air in between.

How thick is 10000 in 100 bills?

A bills are just over 1/10 mm thick. Since it would take one hundred $100 bills to equal $10,000 it would take a stack at least 100 x 1/10 = 10mm = 1 cm high to equal $10,000. Of course the bills won't really sit completely flat so you would expect the stack to be a bit more than 1 cm thick. The numbers will be similar for other currencies

What fraction would equal 8.33 percent?

8.33% = 8.33/100 = 833/10000

How many meters would be equal to 10 kilometers?

10 kilometers = 10000 meters

How many elepphats would be nee to equal the heigh of Eiffel tower?

it take about 10000

How many dimes are equal to three tenths of a dollar?

Well, 1 dime equals $0.10 and since it takes 10 dimes to make 100%, 30% would be 30 dimes or $0.30/$1.00 or 3/10

How many dimes would it take to equal 1 pound?

Assuming you're referring it US dimes, it depends on their dates. Dimes made since 1965 weigh 2.27 gm each and a pound is 453.6 gm so it would take 453.6 / 2.27 = 200 modern dimes. Older dimes weighed 2.5 gm so it would take 453.6 / 2.5 = 181.5 (approximately)

How many dimes equal 10 nickels?

Your answer is 5 dimes. The answer is 5 dimes because you multiply your nickel by your dime which a nickel equals 5 cents and a dime equals ten cents. So that means you multiply 10 by 5 which would be 50 so your answer is 5 dimes.

How many days are in 10000 hours?

10000 hours is equal to 416 and two thirds (2/3) days. (Rounded up would be 417.)

How many words does 10000 characters equal?

Provided that words average about 5 letters each, 10000 characters would be a lovely 2,500 words. Have fun.

How many dollar bills would it take to equal 5 pounds?

a Canadian 5 dollar bill weighs 1 gram. So it would take 2270 Canadian 5 dollar bills to equal 5 pounds

If you had a pound of dimes how much money would you have?

200 dimes or $20

How many 5 dollar bills would it take to make a million dollars?

It would take two hundred thousand (200,000) $5 bills to equal one million dollars.

WHAT IS One fifth of a dollar in dimes?

It would be 2 dimes, or 20 cents.

How would you sell old 10000 peso?

10000 pesos 10000 pesos

How many meters are in 10 kilometers?

Theres 1000 meters in 1 kelometer. So 1000 (meters) X 10 (Kilometers) would equal 10000. Your answer is 10000 Meters in 10 kilometers.

How many rolls of dimes would make 20 dollars?

One roll of dimes is 5 dollars. Therefore it would take 4 rolls of dimes to make 20 dollars.