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1000 bills.

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Q: How many 1000 bills stack up to one million dollars?
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How many 1000 dollar bills are in 1000000 dollars?

how many times does 1000 dollars are in a million

How many 1 thousand dollar bills in one million dollars?


How much money do millionaires and billionaires have?

Really though, some people don't realize how much a million or billion is. If you had a million dollars you would have 1000, $1,000.00 dollar bills. If you had a billion dollars you would have 1000, $1,000,000.00 dollar bills.

How much does one million dollars in 1000 dollar bills weigh?

The dimensions of all us bills are Width: 155.956 mm, Height: 66.294 mm, Weight: Approx. 1 g One million dollars in $1000 banknotes would require 1000 bills, so they'd weigh 1000 gm, or one kilo. However, the 1000-dollar bill is no longer printed.

How many 1000 dollar bills are in 1 million dollars?


How high will one million dollars be made up of hundred dollar bills?

1000 and thats stupidest question i have ever heard of

If you use 1000 dollar bills and stack them what would be the measurement be of that pile of one thousand dollar bills?

4.3 inches

Does it take 20 dollars to make 1000 dollars?

No, you can do it all in 100 dollar bills or 5 dollar bills.

How long it take to spend a million dollars at 1000 a day?

It would take 1000 days to spend a million dollars at the rate of 1000 dollars per day. (1000 times 1000 is 1000000.) This answer excludes interest accrual, which would make the million dollars last a few days longer.

How many thousands is in million dollars?

1000000 / 1000 = 1000 A thousand thousands is called a million dollars.

How much is 1000 crore in us dollars today?

200 million dollars

How many one hundred dollars bills are in one hundred thousand dollars?

1000 of them.

How tall is a trillion one dollar bills?

In a straight stack, one trillion US $1 bills would be a stack 67,866 miles high (109220 km).The minimum thickness of a bundle of 50 new US $1 bills is 0.215 inches (0.5 cm), not counting the band. Using the figure of 0.43 inch for 100 bills, or 4.3 inches for a stack of 1000, you reach the following dimensions:1 million one-dollar bills create a stack 4300 inches tall (358.33 feet, 109.22 meters).1 billion one-dollar bills create a stack 4,300,000 inches tall.This is 358,333 feet, or 67.866 miles, or 109.22 kilometers.1 trillion one-dollar bills create a stack 4,300,000,000 inches tall.This is 358,333,333 feet, or 67866 miles, or 109220 kilometers, more than 1/4 of the average distance to the Moon.

How many million dollars are there in a billion dollars?


How many 100 dollar bills in order to make one thousand dollars?

it takes 10 100 dollars bills.

What weighs 1000 grams?

1 liter of water weighs exactly 1000 grams. Half of a 2 liter bottle of soda. A stack of 1000 dollar bills will weight exactly 1000 grams.

How much is a billion dollars?

A Billion dollars is a lot of money. It equals a 1000 million where each million equals a 1000 thousand dollars. 1,000,000,000 - This is one Billion

How many thousands of dollars are in a billion dollars?

1000 (1000000) or 1 million thousands. 1 million x 1000 equals 1 billion

How much is 1000 million dollars?

1000*1,000,000=1,000,000,000. Answer=$1 billion

How many million dollars make a billion dollars?


How many 50 dollar bills would make 1000 dollars?


How many 10 dollar bills does it take to make 1000 dollars?


How many 100 dollars bills to make 1000?


How tall would a stack of 1000 one dollar bills be?

According to the U.S. Treasury a dollar bill is .0043 inches thick. Therefore, a stack of 1,000 one dollar bills would be: 4.3 inches thick.

How much does a million dollars weigh in 1 dollar bills?

All US paper currency is the same dimensions and weighs the same. A US bill weighs one gram. Thus one million, one dollar bills will weigh 1000000 grams or 1000 Kilograms.