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31 tenths make up the value 3.1

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Q: How many 10ths in 3.1?
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How many 10ths in 7.32?


How many 10ths are there in a mile?

Logically, there are ten.

How many hundredths in 5 10ths?

50 of them.

How many 10ths in 1and a half?

15 of them are.

How many 10ths in 9.4?

In 9.4 there are 94 tenths.

10 10ths equals how many miles?

10 10ths is 1 - whether it is miles, milometres, micrometres or lightyears, or pounds, or people or anything.

What percent is 3-10ths?


What is 7 10ths add 11 20ths?

9 10ths

Which is bigger 3 5ths or 7 10ths?

7 10ths.

How many feet are in 2.5 10ths of a mile?

1,320 feet.

What is the equvilant fraction of 1.2?

1 and 2/10ths or 12/10ths

How many linear feet in 2 10ths of a mile?

1056 ft

3 10ths of a kg equals how many gram?

300 grams

10000 square feet is how many tenths of an acre?

About 2.3/10ths.

How many 10ths are there in 1?

Ten of them because 10/10 = 1

How many 10ths are in 45?

450 of them because 450/10 = 45

How many one tenths are in seven tenths?

If you have 7/10ths, obviously there are seven 1/10ths in 7/10ths. e.g. 1/10, 2/10, 3/10, 4/10, 5/10, 6/10, 7/10.

What is -0.80 as a fraction?

Since 0.8 is equal to 8/10ths, -0.8 is equal to -8/10ths and -0.80 is also equal to -8/10ths. If you simplify -8/10ths by dividing the numerator and the denominator by 2 you get :-4/5ths

what is the equevelnt fraction for 8 10ths?

Equivalent fractionto 810

85 feet equals how many tenths of a mile?

About 5/10ths of a mile.

What is the fraction for 0.29?

Since its .29 the fraction for .20 is 2 10ths so it would have to be 9 10ths.

How many linear feet are in 6 10ths of a mile?

0.6 miles = 3,168 feet.

How many people think santa isn't real?

more than 9 10ths

How many 10ths are in one and one half?

There are 15 because 15/10 = 1.5

What does 3.08?

it is 3 and 8/10ths.

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