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Each tile is 1 square foot.

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Q: How many 12 by 12 tiles are needed for a 225 square footage room?
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How many tiles are there on a roof?

That really depends on several different variables including the square footage of the roof itself and the size / type of the tiles being used. Most of the time when buying roofing tiles / shingles it will state on the packaging how many square's it will cover. It should also state the "square footage" covered as well. So once you have your square footage you can then figure out how many tiles / shingles it will take to cover your roof. Don't forget to add 10 to 15% for waste in your calculations.

How many 16X16 square feet tiles do you need to cover 315 square feet?

178 Tiles If the square footage is the actual room size you add 10% for wastee

How many 18x18 square inch tiles are needed for 50 square feet?

22.2 tiles so buy 23 tiles.

How many tiles would be needed to cover a square design with a length of 7 tiles?

49 tiles

How many 2 square inch tiles to cover 72 square feet?

5,184 2-square-inch tiles are needed.

How many 18 square inch tiles will be needed to cover 530 square feet?

236 18-inch tiles.

How many tiles are needed in the 9 meters square if the tiles is 3 centimeters?

10 000

How many 13 by 13 inch tiles to you need to cover 200 square feet?

The number of 13 inch tiles needed will depend on the actual dimensions of the floor rather than the square footage. If the room is square, 169 tiles, with 1/16 inch or larger grouted seams, will completely cover it. If the floor is rectangular, additional tiles will be needed, the exact number depending on how many tiles must be cut. As a general rule, approximately 10 percent extra is usually sufficient to cover waste from cutting and accidental breakage.

The room is 12 feet wide by 20 feet long how many 1 foot square tiles are needed to cover the floor?

240 square tiles are needed

How many 18x18 square inch tiles are needed for 600 square feet?

266.666666666 so rounding up 267 tiles.

How many 12x12 tiles needed to cover 8352 sq ft?

If the tiles are 12 inches square... 8352 tiles ! However if they're 12 feet square... 58 tiles

How many square yards of tiles are needed to cover a floor that is 6 feet by 9 feet?

6' x 9' (54 square feet) = 6 square yards of tiles needed.