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Q: How many 12 inch blocks can a block layer or mason lay in a day?
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How many half cubic inch blocks equal a 1 inch block?

You need 8 cubic blocks of sides 0.5 inches to make a 1 inch block.

How many half-inch blocks equals one-cubic-inch block?


How many half inch blocks equal one cubic inch block?

Volume of 1 inch block is 1 cubic inch Volume of 1/2 inch block is (1/2) x (1/2) x (1/2) = 1/8 cubic inch Therefore number of 1/2 inch blocks in 1 cubic inch block = 1/(1/8) = 8

How many half cubic inch blocks equal a 1 cubic inch block?


How much a 12 inch by12 inch concrete block weigh?

Where are 12 inch concrete blocks applied?

How many 12 inch blocks will cover 4200 square feet?

More information is needed EG what type of 12 inch blocks there are many(see link below). Also what way up are you using these blocks.

How many 1 inch blocks in a 12 inch by 12 inch block?

Two measurements are indication of area. The area would be 144 square inches.

How many quarter inch blocks equal a cubic inch block?

There are 64 quarter inches to a cubic inch block. There are 4 quarter inches per one inch of measure. And there is 4 times 4 square quarter inches of area to a square inch. Which is 16 square inches. And since we are talking about a solid, we have to multiply this again by 4 which would represent the depth of the cube. So then you have 4 times 4 times 4 which is 64. Also can be represented as 4 to third power of 4 cubed. (4X4X4) Which can be seen as a cube with 4 units of measure on each of its sides.

What is the volume of this rectangular solid if each block is a one inch cube?

It would be equal to the number of blocks in cubic inches.

When laying concrete block should you use spacers in between each block?

Spacer's will make it easier for the "First Time Mason". It will keep the Joints at the standard 3/8 inch.

If a room is 208 sq ft how do you figure how many 12 inch square blocks it would take to do the room?

A 12 inch square block is a sq ft, so 208.

How do you figure up how many cinder blocks you need?

Calculate the exterior face area of he wall you want to build and the face area of the side of the cinder block (add about 1/2 inch to length and 12 inch to width for mortar thickness). Divide the wall area by the block area This is the number of blocks you require. This is how I figure out how many blocks you will need: First measure the length of walls for the blocks in feet. Second divide that number by 4 then multiply the total by 3. That will give you total blocks needed for one course of blocks.