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No 12 year olds have a birthday every day. They only have a birthday once a year.

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Q: How many 12 year old have a birthday every day?
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Kiska birthday not every year?

If there is not a birthday every year, they must have been born on Leap Year's Day.

How many children have birthday parties have a year?

Every children have only one birthday party in a whole year. Some, children have a birthday party after four years which is leap year day of February.

Is presidents day the day after valentines day?

No it is not. It can be but it changes every year. Last year it was on my birthday and its on the 19th. So it can br but its not every year! Hope this helps.

How many have their birthday every day?

No one.

What day of the week will your birthday not fall on?

It will fall on every day of the week. because each year, the day of your birthday will increase by one. ex. if my birthday was on a tuesday this year, next year it will be on a wensday. i have no idea how it works but i have experienced everyday of the week on my birthday :)

What day is every body's birthday?

No one date is everyone's birthday. Every date of the year, including the 29th of February, will cover everyone's birthday.

Why does your birthday day change each year?

There are 365 days a year and that's not divisible by 7 (days a week) so your birthday falls on a different day every year.

When is British model Jeremy Young's birthday?

the same day as your birthday his birth day was every year because of that you grew up to be as old as copper so that means his birth day is every day:)

What does my birthday mean?

Your birthday is a very special day. It's the day you came into the world. Every year people celebrate it, give you presents and you turn a year older than you were the year before.

Do you grow one year old every four years if your birthday is on leap year?

just count that birthday a day after then you know u will get a year older

What event occurs every seven years?

a persons birthday on the day of a leap year

How many people have a birthday each day of the year?

to much