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5.3 obviosly

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Q: How many 12x12 tiles to cover 13x8 floor?
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what is 13x8?

13x8 = 104

How many square feet in a wall 13x8?


How many square feet are there in 144 inches?


What is 13x8 in two different ways?


What x13equals100 pleas and thank u?

13 is not a factor of 100, the closest would be 13x8=104.

How many sq feet are in a 8X13room?

If the units are in feet, i.e. 8 feet, by 13 feet, then there are 13x8 = 104 square feet.

A Snooker player pots 15 Reds 15 Blacks all the colours and only scores 140?

Two reds were potted together. This is usually a fluke, but it does happen. so 13x8 (red+black) = 104, (2red+black) = 9, colours (27) total = 140.

Have a pond that is 8ft by 8ft by 1ft6in deep how much water will it hold?

The pond liner would be the surface area of a cube minus the top rectangle. 13x8 + 3x8 (2) + 3x13 (2) = 230 ft^2

What 3 digit number divided by a 1 digit number gives you a number of 8?

Its Impossible. I say this because anything that is three digits divided by a one digit number that equals 8 is not possible. For example the higher 1 digit number that you can multiply by eight is nine so I did 8x9 and got 72 which is not a three digit number. The lowest three digit number that 8 goes into is 104 which is 13x8 and 13 is not a one digit number. Therefore the problem is impossible. :)

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6x0=0 7x0=0 8x0=0 9x0=0 10x0=0 11x0=0 12x0=0 13x0=0 6x1=6 7x1=7 8x1=8 9x1=9 10x1=10 11x1=11 12x1=12 13x1=13 6x2=12 7x2=14 8x2=16 9x2=18 10x2=20 11x2=22 12x2=24 13x2=26 6x3=18 7x3=21 8x3=24 9x3=27 10x3=30 11x3=33 12x3=36 13x3=39 6x4=24 7x4=28 8x4=32 9x4=36 10x4=40 11x4=44 12x4=48 13x4=52 6x5=30 7x5=35 8x8=40 9x5=45 10x5=50 11x5=55 12x5=60 13x5=65 6x6=36 7x6=42 8x6=48 9x6=54 10x6=60 11x6=66 12x6=72 13x6=78 6x7=42 7x7=49 8x7=56 9x7=63 10x7=70 11x7=77 12x7=84 13x7=91 6x8=48 7x8=56 8x8=64 9x8=72 10x8=80 11x8=88 12x8=96 13x8=104 6x9=54 7x9=63 8x9=72 9x9=81 10x9=90 11x9=99 12x9=108 13x9=117 6x10=60 7x10=70 8x10=80 9x10=90 10x10=100 11x10=110 12x10=120 13x10=130 6x11=66 7x11=77 8x11=88 9x11=99 10x11=110 11x11=121 12x11=132 13x11=143 6x12=72 7x12=84 8x12=96 9x12=108 10x12=120 11x12=132 12x12=144 13x12=156 6x13=78 7x13=91 8x13=104 9x13=117 10x13=130 11x13=143 12x13=156 13x13=169

What should you do if a 13 x 8 mm sized calculus is seen in the left lower ureter at the level of iliac vessels?

Have your patient take a deep breath. Then you should take a deep breath. Enjoy it! Instruct your patient to fast and rest for 1 week, only drinking a smoothie made of kale, blueberries, strawberries, and bananas twice daily. Tell them to expect nausea and violent changes in appearance as toxins are purged from the system. Inspect the illiac vessels after this procedure.