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It would depend on whether they are 14 foot pavers, 14 inch pavers, 14 centimetre pavers or some other measurement unit!

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Q: How many 14 hexagon shaped pavers would you need for a 200 sq foot circle?
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How many side can a polygon have?

It can have as many sides as it wants, up to the infinite. A regular shaped polygon with 4 equal sides is asquare; 6 is hexagon; 8 is an octagon, and so forth. An infinite number of equal sides would make a circle.

How many pavers would you need if the pavers are 1 square ft and you need to cover a patio area that is 10 feet x 10 feet?

you would need 10 pavers to cover this area if the pavers are 1x1 ..most pavers are not this large they are usually 2x4. I would recommend buying a couple of extra pavers so that you can have cuts instead of all the pavers being the same size.

Where can one purchase concrete pavers?

I would like to build a new patio with concrete pavers. Where can I find them at?

How many 6X3 pavers does it take for 30 square feet?

6x3 would require 2 pavers by 4 pavers to make a square foot which is 8 pavers per square foot. 240 pavers. That's only a 5 foot by 6 foot square.

How many 16 x16 inch pavers would you need for a 8 foot by 8foot area?

You would need exactly 36 pavers.

Why do you think manhole shapes like circle?

because for any person to get inside a manhole, you would think it was shaped like a round circle.

How many 16x16 inch pavers would you need to cover 8x17 feet patio area?

78.47 Pavers

How much do concrete pavers costs in the US?

I was thinking about getting some concrete pavers. How much would it cost me to buy them?

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form_title=paver installation form_header=10133 How would you categorize this project?*= () New pavers for existing home () New pavers for new construction () Replacing pavers for existing home What pattern would you like the pavers to be laid in?*= () Length-wise () Herringbone () Parquet () Random - irregular cut stone () Want recommendation Please select where you would like to install the pavers*= () Driveway/parking area () Interior floor

How many sides dose a 19 hexagon have?

Every hexagon has six sides. That is the definition of "hexagon".If it did not have six sides, then it would not be a 'hexagon', andwe would not be having this discussion.

Why shape of cell is hexagonal in cellular network?

In a cellular System a land area is divided into regular shaped cells, which can be hexagonal, square, circular or some other irregular shapes, although hexagonal cells are conventional. This is because there are some criteria for the cell shape, which are 1. Geometric shape 2. Area without overlap 3. Area of the cell And the eligible shapes for these criteria are Square, circle, equilateral triangle & hexagon. The Geometric shape & Area without overlap is satisfied by a hexagon,square, equilateral triangle as they can be fitted in a manner where there is no area of overlap. The circle on the other hand would overlap (which implies interference of signals) or leave gaps (which means loss of coverage in those areas) when not overlapping. When the area factor is considered a circle has the highest area however it does not satisfy the second criteria of overlap. Therefore we have to consider a shape which fits correctly and also has maximum area. For this purpose we shall compare the area of the remaining shapes to the area of circle to see which has the maximum area. The area of an equilateral triangle to a circle approx = 17.77% The area of a square to a circle approx = 63.7% The area of a hexagon to a circle approx = 83% Which means hexagon has the highest coverage area after a circle from the lot. Thus of the lot hexagon satisfies all the conditions which is why the shape of a cell is hexagonal in cellular network.