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That depends what they are sixteenths of.

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Q: How many 16ths is 0797 inch?
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Related questions

How many 16ths are in an inch?

Your question answers itself. There are 16 16ths of an inch in an inch.

What fraction of an inch is 0797 inch?

If the figure is 0.797 this is 797/1000 inch which is approximately 8/10 = 4/5 inch. If the figure is .0797 this is 797/10000 inch which is approximately 8/100 = 2/25 inch.

How many 16ths in an inch?

16 of them.

How many 16ths are in 1 inch?


How many 16ths are in a foot?

Assuming you are talking about 16ths of an inch, the answer is 16*12 = 192

How many 1 16ths are within an inch?


How many sixteenths of an inch are in 1.06 inches?

16.96, i.e. just about 17 1/16ths of an inch

What is 5 16ths of an inch as a decimal?

0.3125 inch

How many 16ths in one inch?

sixteen 16/16 = 1

How many16 of and inch is 34inches?

There are 16 x 16ths in one inch, so 16 x 34 = 544 16ths in 34 inches

How many 16ths of an inch is .325 of an inch?


What percentage of an inch does 5 16ths of an inch equal?

500/16 =31.25%

How many 16ths of an inch are in 0.6 in?

1 / 16 = 0.0625 0.6 / 0.0625 = 9.6

How much is nine tenths of an inch?

Nine tenths of an inch = Nine tenths of an inch, or 90% of an inch. Or did you mean to ask what is nine tenths of an inch in 8ths, or 16ths, or . . . .

What is 3.666 inches in 16ths of an inch?

3.666 = 58.656/16 = 310.656/16

Is 15 16ths the same as 1 inch?

No. If you divide an inch into 16 equal pieces, you must put all 16 back to have a whole inch. It is 1/16 inch less than a full inch.

Most tape measures show 16ths of an inch and less show 32nds of an inch but how often do home renovation specialists use 64th of an inch or higher measurements?

About as often as a hairstylist does.

How many 16ths of an inch are in a mile?

There are 1760 yards in one mile. There are 3 feet in one yard. There are 12 inches in one foot. There are 16 sixteenths of an inch in one inch. Therefore, there are 1760 x 3 x 12 x 16 = 1013760 sixteenths of an inch in one mile.

How many 16ths are in 20 mm?

There are 16 16ths of a millimetre in a millimetre. so there are 20 x 16 16ths of a millimetre in 20 millimetres. 20 x 16 = 320.

How many inches is 18mm?

1 inch = 25.4 mm1 mm = 0.0394 inso 18 mm = 18 X 0.0394 in = 0.71 of an inch (just over 7 tenths of an inch)And since decimal inch rulers aren't readily available, you'll have to convert to fractional 16ths:Multiply 0.71 x 16 to get the number of 16ths inch.0.71 x 16 = 11.3611.36 = the number of 16th's of an inch. This is the numerator of the fraction. Apply the rules for rounding.11.36 rounds to 11 because 0.36 is less than 0.5Therefore, 0.71 in. = (approximately) 11/16ths of an inchDirect Conversion Formula18mm*1 in25.4 mm=0.7086614173in

How many 16ths inches are in 6.94 inches?

You would multiply 6.94 by 16. That would give you 111.04 16ths.

How many sixteenth notes equal two eighth notes?

2 16ths = 1 8th, so 2 8ths = 4 16ths.

How many 16ths in a quarter mile?

That depends what they are sixteenths of.

5 mm equals how many 16th of an inch?

0.1968503937 in, which the closest 16th would be 3/16ths of an inch Direct Conversion Formula 5 mm* 1 in 25.4 mm = 0.1968503937 in

What are the numbers on a tape measure?

The large numbers represent inches on a standard tape. Depending on the scale, smaller numbers could be in 16ths or 32s of an inch.