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Get 160 to be safe.

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Q: How many 16x16 patio pavers are needed to cover a 16 ftx16ft area?
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How many 16x16 patio pavers are needed to cover a 16ft x8ft area?

72 Get 80 to be safe.

How many 16x16 inch pavers would you need to cover 8x17 feet patio area?

78.47 Pavers

How many 16x16 pavers to cover a 14'x14'area?

111 if you can cut 10 exactly in half to make 20 half pavers

How many 16x16 pavers will cover 360 square feet?

It depends on the units used to measure the pavers: inches, centimetres, cubits, etc. It is not possible to answer the question without that information.

How many 16x16 in pavers needed to cover 450 square feet?

16 inch x 16 inch = 16x16/144 = 1.777777.... sq.ft. 450/1.777777..... = 253.125 tiles (not counting any wastage caused by cutting, breakage, etc) = 254 tiles minimum.

How many pavers would you need if the pavers are 16 inches by 16 inche4s and you need to cover a patio area that is 10 feet by 12 feet?

The patio is 10x 12 = 120 sq ft or 17,280 sq in The pavers are 16x16 = 256 sq in So you need 17280/256 = 68 pavers

You have 32 16x16 inch pavers How big of an area will this cover?

(32 x 16 x 16)/144 ie just under 57 sqft

How many 16x16 pavers cover 390 square feet?

The answer depends on the measurement units used for 16x16. The answer also depends on the shape of the 390 sq ft area to be covered because the more irregular the shape, the greater the number of pavers you will need to cut. That is likely to result in some breakage. Furthermore, you may not want to use all the offcuts since that will make part of the area into a mosaic.

How many 8x4 pavers does it take to cover 360 square feet?

4.5 pavers will cover 1 sq foot. So 4.5 x 360 =1620 pavers

How many 15 x 20 pavers to cover 320 sq feet?

153.84 pavers

How any 16 x16 pavers will it take to cover 256 square feet?

144.63 pavers

How many 16 x16 pavers are need to cover 180 sq ft?

101.25 pavers

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