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192 is equal to 300sqft but it will need some for cuts and breakage

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Q: How many 16x16 pavers do you need for a 300 sq ft patio?
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How many 16x16 inch pavers would you need to cover 8x17 feet patio area?

78.47 Pavers

How many 16x16 pavers do you need to do a 16x16 square?


How many pavers would you need if the pavers are 16 inches by 16 inche4s and you need to cover a patio area that is 10 feet by 12 feet?

The patio is 10x 12 = 120 sq ft or 17,280 sq in The pavers are 16x16 = 256 sq in So you need 17280/256 = 68 pavers

How many 16X16 inch pavers do you need for a 16 foot by 16 foot patio?

In a perfect world, 225 will do it. In real life, better buy about 300

How many pavers do you need for 54 square feet and pavers are 16x16?

31 Get 35 for breakage.

How do I determine how many patio pavers I will need?

The number of pavers you will need will be basd on the size of your patio. You should measure the square feet of your patio.

How many 16x16 in pavers do I need for an 8' square?

36 of them. Get 40 to be safe.

How many 12x12 pavers do you need for a 6x12 patio?


How many 12x12 pavers would you need for a 14X14 patio?


How many 15.4 by 21 pavers are need for a ten foot diameter patio?

The answer depends on the measurement units used for the pavers.

How many 16x16 pavers do you need for a 421 sq ft patio?

The answer will depend on whether the pavers are 16cm x 16 cm or 16 inch x16 inch. In the unlikely event that they are 16 ft*16 ft, you will need fewer than 1. Unfortunately, you have chosen not to share the units used and so no proper answer is possible.

How many 12x12 patio pavers do you need for 224 square feet?

If you mean 12" x 12" (= 1 ft²) then you will need 224 pavers.