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A 18x18 paver is 324 sq. inches. A sq.ft. is a 144 sq. inches. So 600 sq.ft x 144 sq inches = 86,400 sq. inches. So take the sq.inches which is 86,400 divide by the sq. inches of the paver 324 is equal to around 267 pavers you will need.

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Q: How many 18x18 pavers needed to cover 600 square feet?
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How much 18x18 tile needed to cover a 352 square foot room?

160 of them.

How many 18x18 inch pavers does it take to cover a 14'x14' area?

18" is 1.5', so we can discover the number of square feet in one paver by multiplying 1.5 x 1.5 = 2.25 square feet. To fill an area of 14' x 14', or 196 square feet, you would need 196 / 2.25 = 87 pavers, with room for .11 pavers left over. So to cover it completely, 88 pavers would do the trick.

How any 16 x16 pavers will it take to cover 256 square feet?

144.63 pavers

How many 1 square foot pavers are needed to cover 220 square feet area?

Any reason why it shouldn't be 220, apart from the shape of the area?

How many 12x12 pavers are needed to cover 240 square feet?

A 12x12 inch paver is one square foot. So you would need 240 square feet.

How many 18x18 tiles does it take to cover 300 square feet?


How many 18x18 tiles to cover 150 square feet?

67 tiles.

How many 18x18 tiles do you need to cover 648 square feet?


How many 8x4 pavers does it take to cover 360 square feet?

4.5 pavers will cover 1 sq foot. So 4.5 x 360 =1620 pavers

How many 6x9 pavers needed to cover 90 square feet?

In theory the answer is 240 tiles but this assumes that the area is "well behaved" and, if not, that you are prepared to use all the offcuts to fill bits in mosaic-style. A shape which in 17 inches wide, for example, will require a lot more pavers.

How many 18X18 square feet ceramic tiles does it take to cover 249 square feet?


How many 18x18 tiles do you need to cover a room that is 730 square feet?