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Calculating how many tiles in a room

· 12"X12" is DUH 144 sq inches & 1 sq foot

· so multiply any tile size by its 2 dimensions ie 12"X12" or 16"X16" divide by 144 & that = the sq ft per tile.

· 13"X13" is 169 sq inches divided by 144 sq inches in a sq foot =1.174 per tile

· 18"X18" is 324 sq inches per tile divided by 144 sq inches per sq ft= 2.25 sq ft per tile

· 20"x20" tiles are 2.778 per tile

· 24X24 tiles are 4 sq ft per tile

Formula would look like this

(Tile L"x W"= sq inches)divided by 144 sq inches=sq ft per tile) room area divided by sq ft per tile= how many tiles

Soooo once you know the sq feet you need, add a little for waste & breakage & ooops cuts & you will have enough..

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Q: How many 18x18 tiles do you need for 40sq ft room?
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