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100 cents = 1 dollar

5 x 20 cents = 1 dollar

5 x 13 = 65

Answer: there are 65 of 20 cents in $13

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Q: How many 20 cent coins make up 13.00 dollars?
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How many 1 cent coins make 100 dollars?

10,000 pennies

How do You Make two Dollars Out Of 29 Coins?

One way of doing this is with 19 ten-cent coins and 10 one-cent coins.

How many 5 cent coins make up 9 dollars 50?


How many 10 cent coins are needed to make 5 dollars?

there are 10 in 1 dollar so 50 in 5 dollars

What three coins make a dollar?

One half dollar (50 cent piece) and two quarter dollars (25 cent each piece)

What 3 coins make 1.50?

Three half-dollars (three 50-cent coins). In US coins, a dollar and two quarters (dollar coins are not well-circulated).

What 5 coins make 72 cents?

One 50-cent coin, two 10-cent coins, and two 1-cent coins.

What coins to make 98 cent?

Simple answer: 98 coins of 1 cent each.

What coins of 50 coins to make 1.00?

50 two cent coins, they exist.

How many 20c coins make 5.00 dollars?

There are no 20c coins.If you are talking about 25c coins then - 20 coins would make $5.If you are talking about 10c coins then - 50 coins would make $5* * * * *There may not be 20 cent coins for the US dollar but there certainly are for the Australian dollar. And 25 of them would make 5.00 dollars.

What combinations of coins can make 36 cents?

25 cent and 10 cent and 1 cent

What 20 coins make up 6?

One combination anyway: American: 3.5 dollars in 50c is 7 coins 2 dollars in quarters = 8 coins 5 dimes = 5 coins Euro: 3.5 euro in 50c is 7 coins 2.40 euro in 20c is 12 coins and 1 10 cent coin

How many 5 cent make 100 US dollar?

2,000 5cent coins makes 100 UD dollars if i am right with my math

How do you make 3 dollars using 34 coins?

4 fifty-cent pieces 6 dimes 4 nickels 20 pennies

What 10 coins make 25 cents?

Cent cent cent cent cent nickel nickel nickel nickel ....,.., not possible

How do you make 60 cents with 3 coins in two ways?

With US coins, a half-dollar and two nickels, or two quarters and a dime. If you have 20-cent coins, 3 of those, or the 50 cent and two 5 cent coins.

How can you make 85 cent with 3 coins?

a dime, a quarter and a fifty-cent piece.

What is the fewest coins you can use to make 0.35?

Three. A 20 cent, 10 cent and 5 cent coin.

I need 50 of these coins to make 10.00. What is the coin?

20 cent coins

How can you make 50 cents with only 46 coins?

There is no straightforward answer, you can make it with 50 or 45 coins quite easily if you use 50 one-cent coins or 49 one-cent coins and a 5-cent coin. You could bend the meaning of the question using non-US currencies, or by trading, etc.

Make 30 cents without using a nickel?

Three dimes 30 one-cent coins A quarter and 5 one-cent coins

Can you make a Battery out of ten cent coins and tin foil?


What coins are needed to make 90 cent?

9 dimes

What 13 coins make up 58 cent?


How many combination of coins are there to make 0.40 cent?