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There are no 20c coins.

If you are talking about 25c coins then - 20 coins would make $5.

If you are talking about 10c coins then - 50 coins would make $5

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There may not be 20 cent coins for the US dollar but there certainly are for the Australian dollar. And 25 of them would make 5.00 dollars.

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20c 40c 60c 80c $1 $1.20 1.40 1.60 1.80 2.00

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Q: How many 20c coins make 5.00 dollars?
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How many 20c coins make 4.00 dollars?

How much 20c makes a $1.00

How many 20c coins go into 12.00?

60 x 20 cent coins = 12.00 dollars.

How many 20c coins make 14.60?

convert amount to cents, so 14.60 becomes 1460c, then divide by 20c = 73

Which 5 coins would you need to make 3.90?

$2, $1, 50c, 20c, 20c.

How many 20c coins make up 5.60?


How many 20c coins to make 2.60?

thirteen 2.60 / 0.20 = 13

If you have 20.40 Of that 2.40 are in 20c Coins and 10.00 in 1.00 coins The rest are in 50c Coins how many 50c Coins do you have?

16 $0.50 coins

How many 20c coins make 2.60?


How many 20c coins can fit in a liter?


Ann has 20 coins in her purse They are 10c 20c and 50c coins and the total value of the coins is 5 dollars If she has more 50c than 10c coins- how many 10c coins does she have?

Six 50 cent coins=$3.00 Six 20 cent coins=$1.20 Eight 10 cent coins=$.80

What is the minimum number of notes and coins needed to give 34.85 change?

$20, $10, $2, $2, 20c, 20c, 20c, 20c, 5c

What is the Value of 1965 South Africa 20c coins?

Value of old 1965 20c english

What is the worth of a 1965 20c silver coin?

The U.S. produced 20-cent coins from 1875-1878.The only U.S. coins dated 1965 that contain silver are half dollars.

What four coins make 1.75 euro?

umm so 1 euro+50c+20c+5c=1.75 euro:)

What 20 coins make up 6?

One combination anyway: American: 3.5 dollars in 50c is 7 coins 2 dollars in quarters = 8 coins 5 dimes = 5 coins Euro: 3.5 euro in 50c is 7 coins 2.40 euro in 20c is 12 coins and 1 10 cent coin

What 3 different coins will make 75 cents?

If in america, 3 quarters make 75c. With the euro, a 50c, a 20c, and a 5c make 75c

What is the largest possible value of coins is it possible to have without having any coins which will add to 4 dollars coins are 5c 10c 20c 50c 1 dollar 2 dollar?

Tentatively I will say $4.35, with for instance: 19 x 20c 1 x 50c 1 x 5c It's possible that a rigorous method exists, but this is just a fudged guess. Any advances on it?

How to make 1.00 using 60 coins?

It is impossible to answer the question without knowing the values of the coins. For example, the UK has 20 pence but not 25p whereas the US has 25 cents but not 20c.

Sarim has 1 in coins One-fifth of the coins are dimes two fifteenths are nickel and two -thirds are pennies?

30 coins 6 dimes = 60c 4 nickels = 20c 20 pennies = 20c Total $1

What coins are used in Singapore?

There are currently (as of 2012) six coins in general circulation in Singapore; 1c, 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c and $1.

What was on the Australian 20c piece in 1944?

Australia did not begin issuing 20 cent coins until 1966.

How many 20c is 1?


How many ways can you make 1.50 with 10 and 20 cents?

20c x 7, plus 10c x 1 20c x 6, plus 10c x 3 20c x 5, plus 10c x 5 20c x 4, plus 10c x 7 20c x 3, plus 10c x 9 20c x 2, plus 10c x 11 20c x 1, plus 10c x 13

How many different euro coins are there?

At present (up till January 2008) there are 15 countries in the eurozone who make use of euro coins. Each of these countries have 8 euro coins of different value starting from 1c, 2c, 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, 1 Euro, and 2 Euro. Therefore in total there are 120 euro coins in total. With this number one has to add the other principalities who make use of the euro. These are the Vatican City, San marino and Monaco. Therefore with 120 coins one has to add another 24 coins making a total of 144 euro coins. On 1 January 2009 Slovakia joined the Eurozone, so there are now a further 8 coins.

How many ridges on a 20c piece?

Another difference was that the 20-cent coins had a smooth edge while the other silver denominations featured a reeded, or milled, edge. Therefore 'none' is the answer.