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440 sq feet = 440 x 144 sq inchesanswer = 440 x 144/ (20 x 20)

= 440 x 144 /400

= 1.1 x 144

= 158.4 tiles ~ 159 tiles

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Q: How many 20x20 square inch tiles does it take to cover 440 square feet?
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How many 20x20 tiles do you need to cover 140 square feet?

20" = 2.78 square feet. Now divide the area of the tiles into the area of the room. 140/2.78 = 51 tiles

How many 20X20 inch tiles does it take to cover 1070 square feet?

1070 square feet is 154080 square inches. (1 square foot is 12x12 or 144 square inches.)a 20x20 inch tile is 400 square inches.So the question could be restated as "how many 400 square inch tiles does it take to cover 154080 square inches?"154080 / 400 = 385.2

How many 20x20 tiles will it take to cover 273 square feet?

20X20" tiles are 1.67'X1.67' giving a total sq ft per tile of 2.8 s/f 100 tiles would cover 280 sq feet so looks like 97 tiles gets you to 272. we always recommend about 5-7% overage to allow for a broken tile or a bad cut.


Tiles that are two feet on a side cover 4 square feet. 378 of them cover 1512 square feet.

How many square feet is 20X20 inches?

400 (20x20) square inches is 2.78 square feet.

How many 18X18 square feet vinyl tiles it take to cover 288 square feet?

192 tiles

How many 20x20 tiles to cover 351sq feet?

comes out to about 126 tiles, but would get 140 depending on amount of cuts there are and can always take the extras back.

How many 6x6 tiles to cover 230 square feet?

76.6 tiles

How many 18x18 tiles to cover 150 square feet?

67 tiles.

How many square feet will 38 12x12 tiles cover?

Since a 12x12 tile is one square foot, then 38 12x12 tiles will cover 38 square feet.

How many boxes of 3 x 6 tiles to cover 20 square feet?

Two tiles will suffice since they will cover 36 square feet.

How many 12x12 square feet tiles to cover 190 square feet?


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