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4*9 = 36 coins.

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Q: How many 25 paise coins make RS9?
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How do you get advance starter?

It is very easy to get it. Just save it, extract it and you're done!

How many kilograms of sugar costing Rs9 per kg mustbe mixed with 27 kg of sugar costing Rs 7 per kg so that there may be a gain of 10 percent by selling the mixture at Rs 9.24 per kg?

Suppose you mix X kg of sugar at Rs9 per kg.Total amount of sugar = X + 27 kgTotal cost = 9*X + 7*27 = 9X + 189Selling price should be 10% more than the Total cost (above)that is Total sales = 1.1*(9X + 189) = 9.9X + 207.9But Total sales also = 9.24 * (X + 27) = 9.24X + 249.48Taking the difference between the two equations for Total sales,0.66X - 41.58 = 0So that X = 41.58/0.66 = 63 kilograms.

If you have 2 coins for 75paise one is not 50 paise then how?

If one is not 50 paise,thn the other 1 is 50 paise....

You have 2 coins for 75 paise 1 coin is not a 50 paise Then how?

The other one is.

What do they call their money in India?

The Indian currency is called the Indian Rupee (INR) and the coins are called paise. One Rupee consists of 100 paise.

You have 2 coins for 75 paise1 coins is not a 50 paisethen how?

25 paise.. DR. satish

If you have 2 coins for 75 paise one coin is not a 50 paise then how?

the other one is a 50ps coin, while the one u looked at was a 25 PS coin

How is that basic monetary unit divided in India?

The Indian rupee is divided into 100 paise. Although there used to be coins worth a single paisa, the smallest unit of legal tender is now the 50 paise coin.

How many different ways can you combine coins to make 10 cents?

5 coins and 5 coins

What are the coins in India called?

The coin is literally called 'Sikka' in India. Depending upon its denomination, its either X rupye ka sikka( X rupee coin) or X paise ka sikka( X paise coin). Ruppees

303 pulse equals 113 rupees then 1 pulse equals paise?

1 pulse = 113/303 rupees =11300/303 paise = 37.29 paise.

What will b minimum nmbr of coins required to pay xactly 78 paise 69 paise and 1.01 to three difrnt person?

t s vry dffclt t sy snc mny f th cns rqrd d nt xst ny mr.

Which metal is used to make Indian coins?

Today, two metals are used in Indian coins:Cupro-Nickel in two and five rupees.Ferratic Stainless Steel in the rest (one rupee coin and fifty, twenty five and ten paise coins).

How many coins combinations are there to make 1.00?

It depends on the denominations of the coins and the exchange rate at the time.

How many 50 paisa coins are there in a dozen?

Dozen actually represents the quantity but not currency. So there is not a valid relation between dozen and 50 paise coin. Just say it has 12 in a dozen...

What is the value of 20 paise?

one fifth of a rupee. There are 53.7 rupee to a dollar, and 100 paise to a rupee.

How many combinations of coins can make 20 pence?

It depends on the denominations of the coins and the exchange rate at the time.

How many 20p coins make 6 pounds?


How many ways can you make 1.00 out of 12 coins?


How is the basic monetary unit divided in India?

1 INR = 100 Paise (1 Indian Rupee = 100 Indian Paise).

What coins do you use to make 1.50?

how do you make $1.50 with 7 coins

How many 10 cents make 5?

500 ten cent coins make $5.

How many coins will make a tower standing a mile tall?


How Many Combination of three coins can you make from five coins?

There are 5C3 = (5*4*3)/(2*1) = 30 combinations.

How many coins can the Canberra mint make a day?

The Canberra mint can produce up to 2 million coins per day.