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20 of them.

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Q: How many 2s fit into 40?
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how many times does 10 fit into 40?

4 times

How many turtles can you fit in a 40 gallon tank?

2 turtles can fit in a 40 gallon tank

How many electrons can be in the n 2 shell?

There can be 10 electrons in the n=2 shell. Two can fit in the 1s orbital, two can fit in the 2s orbital, and six can fit in the 2p orbital.

How many 60 in round tables fit under a 40 x 40 tent?

If you are not looking for room around them, 64 will fit.

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How many 48X40X75 pallets will fit in a 40 ft container?

That should be 48" x 40" and 75" tall. Yes it will fit in a standard container.

How many times can the UK fit in to the US?

40 times

2s plus s plus 12 equals 132?

2s + s + 12 =132 ie 3s = 132 -12 3s = 120 s = 40

How many pallets fit in a 20 ft container?

if the pallets are 40" by 48" than 16 will fit

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How many 2s in 50?

25 of them

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How many times does holland fit into England?

England would fit in Canada 40 times with room to spare.

How many United Kingdoms could you fit in the US?

"It could fit about 40 times into the land area of the United States."

How much platies can you fit in a 40liter tank?

i what to get some platies , guppies and mollies but how many can i fit a 40 litre tank

How many times does Britain fit into Canada?

40 times.. with room to spare

How many 250 millilter cups can fit into 10 liters?

That is 40 cups

How many people fit in a Haida canoe?

It's about 30-40 people

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40 at minimum

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