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Q: How many 3 inch by 6 inch tiles are in 1 square foot?
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Related questions

How many Scrabble tiles are in a square foot?

Scrabble tiles are 0.75 inch × 0.75 inch square. Therefore, one square foot of Scrabble tiles will include 256 tiles in a square of 16 X 16 tiles.

How many 4 inch tiles in 1 square foot?

One square foot is 12 inches by 12 inches so you can fit in it 9 tiles in a 3 tiles by 3 tiles square.

How many 4 inch tiles equals a square foot?


How many 12 x 12 inch tiles to cover 75 square foot?

75 tiles would do it (a 12*12 inch time = 1 square foot) but you need 10% over this for waste so you need to get 83 tiles.

How many 12 inch square tiles do you need for a 342 square foot room?

342 of them.

How many 1 inch square tiles would be needed to cover square foot?


How many 2 inch tiles fit in 1 square foot tile?

A one square foot tile would be 12 inches on a side. That means it would take 6 tiles. Multiply it out would be 36 2 inch tiles.

How many 6 inch by 6 inch tiles are needed for a 212 square foot room?


How many 1 inch by 1 square tiles for 6 square feet?

864 tiles.144 tiles per square foot.

How many 4 inch and times 4 inch ceramic tiles would it take to cover a 120 square foot area?

1,080 tiles exactly.

How many 36 inch tiles can you fit in a 455 square foot space?

About 50.

How many 12x12 square inch tiles are need for 120 square feet?

A 12 inch by 12 inch tile is 1 ft by 1 ft, which is 1 square foot. So you would need 120 tiles.

How many 10 inch by 20 inch tiles are needed for a 200 square foot room?

144 assuming no waste.

How many 12 inch tiles to cover 30 square foot room?

12 inches = 1 foot Thus the tiles would be 1 foot square. You therefore need 30 to cover a 30 square foot room.

How many 6 inch tiles in 1 square foot?

2. there are 12 inches in a foot. there are two sixes in twelve

How many 4 inch tiles will fit in a 8 foot by 5 foot section?

10A 8 foot by 5 foot area would hold 24 four inch square tiles along the 8 foot side and 15 along the 5 foot side, so the total quantity of would be 360 four inch square tiles (24 x 15).

If there's a 3 feet long and 2 feet wide floor how many 2 inch tiles would you need?

You would need 216 tile. Figure how many 2-inch tiles are in one square foot: there are six across and six up/down. That's 36 tiles per square foot. The floor is 3 feet by 2 feet, which is 6 square feet. 6 square feet x 36 tiles is 216 tiles.

How many 12 x 12 tiles do you need for a 240 sq ft room?

Each tile is 12 inch x 12 inch = 1 foot x 1 foot = 1 square foot. To cover 240 square feet you would need 240 tiles

How many 0.5-foot tiles are needed to completely cover a 4 foot square wall?


How many 12x12-inch square tiles will it take to cover 750 square feet?

Since each 12x12-inch tile is one square foot, you will need 750 of them.

How many 8-inch by 8-inch hexagon tiles do you need to fill a 36 square foot room?

5,290 Pieces

How many 13 x 13 inch tiles are needed for a 48 square foot room?


How many 6x6 tiles do you need to make 70 square feet?

It takes 4 6x6 inch tiles to cover a square foot. You will need 180 tiles, plus some for spoilage and mistakes.

How many six-inch square tiles are needed to tile the floor in a room that is 12 feet by 18 feet?

Floor area = 12 ft x 18 ft = 216 square feet. There are 4 six-inch square tiles needed for each square foot, so 864 tiles are needed.

How many 12 inch tiles fit in 294 square feet space?

Is this a trick question? A 12 inch tile has an area of 1 square foot. So to cover 294 square feet you would need 294 tiles!