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Four digit numbers span from 1000 to 9999. This totals (9999-1000) +1 = 9000 different four digit numbers

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Q: How many 4-digit numbers can be formed by the digits 01 2 3 456789 using the digits more than once in each number example 1112 1122?
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How many 6 digit numbers can be formed from the digits 456789 if any of the digits are NOT repeated?


What are the numbers made with digits 2375?

There are 24 number made by permutations of the digits. There are lots more if the digits can be repeated, for example, 27335722. Even more can be made by using arithmetic and algebraic operations, for example 35^27 = approx 4.8960*10^41. You have not specified what the rules for "making" numbers are!

What is it called when numbers are transposed?

Their order is switched. For example, in the two numbers 12345 and 13245, the second and third digits are transposed.

How many numbers of at least tree different digits can be formed from the integers 123456?

Numbers formed should be of at least 3 digits means they may be of 3 digits, 4 digits, 5 digits or 6 digits. There are 6 choices for digit in the units place. There are 5 and 4 choices for digits in ten and hundredโ€™s place respectively. So, total number of ways by which 3 digits numbers can be formed = 6.5.4 = 120 Similarly, the total no.of ways by which 4 digits numbers can be formed = = 360. the total no. of ways by which 5 digits numbers can be formed = = 720. The total no.of ways by which 4 digits numbers can be formed = = 720. So, total no.of ways by which the numbers of at least 3 digits can be formed = 120 + 360 + 720 + 720 = 1920.

How to perform arithmetic operations on two numbers?

How do i multiple double digits for example 73×28

Can 2 numbers have the same digits but different value?

yes ex. 12345,54321,34251,51324 etc. or an easy example 12,21

What is a stem-and-leaf plot?

an arrangement of data for 2-digit numbers , the tens digits are shown as the "steams" and the ones digits as the "leaves" Example: 19,22,25,26,27,28,29,30,34,36,37,42,43,44,46,48,48,49,52,53,55,57,58,62

How many numbers can you made of this number 3586?

You can make 24 numbers by rearranging the digits. However, you can make vastly more if you allow mathematical operations on the digits. For example, 3+5*8-6 = 37.

What is an example of an irrational but whole number?

That 's not possible since irrational numbers have infinity digits. All whole numbers are rational.

How many whole numbers have 3 digits?

there are 899 whole numbers that have three digits.

Why mobile number have 10 digits?

Actually, it doesn't. At least, it is not 10 digits all over the world. For example, in Bolivia, the mobile phone number has only 8 digits. The number of digits required (for any particular country) can depend on the following:The number of mobile phones (or similar devices) used. If in some country you have, say, 5 million mobile devices, you need at least seven digits.Mobile numbers may have to start with certain digits. This may require an additional digit. In the above example, if in a country all mobile phone numbers start with 6, 7 or 8, then 7 digits are no longer enough - the minimum requirement is 8 digits.The numbers may be organized so that the first few digits identify the phone company, or the geographical region. This also tends to increase the number of digits, since some areas will have few numbers, while others will have many.

Are irrational numbers always decimal numbers?

Both rational and irrational numbers can be expressed with decimals. If the number is irrational, it will have an infinite number of decimal digits, and there will be no periodic repetition. For example, 1/7 (which is rational) is 0.142857 142857 142857... The same sequence of six digits repeats over and over again. In irrational numbers, this is not the case.

How many 4 digit numbers can be formed by the digits 1 2 3 4 using the digits more than once in each number example 1112 1122?


How many digits are there in all numbers inclusive from 1 to 1000?

Infinitely many. The number pi , for example, is between 1 and 1000 and, since pi is a transcendental number, it contains infinitely many digits. Plus, there are all the irrational numbers - each with infinitely many digits, and all the rationals with recurring decimals - again with infinitely many digits.

Can consecutive numbers be in decimals?

Yes, but only if there are no digits after the decimal point. For example, 18, 19, 20, 21 are consecutive numbers in the decimal system.

What is the code for Armstrong numbers?

Armstrong numbers are the sum of their own digits to the power of the number of digits.

How many numbers is ten digits?

10 digits are numbers in the billions.

How many 6 digit numbers can be formed with 6 digits?

If the digits may not be repeated, there are 6x5x4x3x2x1 = 720 numbers, If digits can be repeated, the answer is 6x6x6x6x6x6 = 46,656 numbers If zero is ong the available digits but is excluded from the first place. 5x6x6x6x6x6=38,880 numbers

How many digits numbers each less than 500 can be formed from the digits 13467 if repetitions is allowed?

There are 5 numbers of 1 digit, 25 numbers of 2 digits, and 75 numbers of 3 digits. This makes 105 numbers in all.

How many digits are there in the numbers 1-500?


Why cellphone numbers have 10 digits?

Actually they have 11 digits - At least they do in the UK ! It's just the form agreed by the mobile phone companies. For example 07xxx defines the network the phone is locked to and the remaining six digits identify the individual phone.

Digits in the binary number system?

The only digits in binary (base 2) are 0 and 1. All numbers are represented with those 2 digits. For example: 12 is written as 1100. 33 is written as 100001.

What numbers have digits whose sum is five?

There are infinitely many. For example, 14,104,1004,10004,100004 etc.

All numbers that are divisible by 6?

All numbers that are divisible by 6 are even numbers whose digits add up to 3 or a multiple of 3. Example : 284 is not wholly divisible by 6 as although it is even, its digits total 2 + 8 + 4 = 14 which is not divisible by 3. 282 is divisible by 6 as it is even and its digits total 12 which is divisible by 3.

How many numbers does US has including area code?

The US uses ten digits in their number format. For example - the number would look like 800-123-1234. In that example, 800 is the area code, and the remaining 7 digits are the subscribers number.