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To cover a rectangle-shaped floor measuring 16x12, you will need 6 4x8 sheets of plywood. Arrange the sheets so that the longer side of the sheets line up along the longer edge of the floor.

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Q: How many 4x8 sheets of plywood are needed to cover 16x12 rectangle area?
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How many 4x8 sheets of plywood are needed to cover 16x12 feet?


How many 4x8 sheets of plywood are needed to cover 16x12 rectangle are?

To cover a 16x12 area you would lay 3 sheets side by side on the 8' edge cover 12' x 8'. 12' x 16' is 2 12' x 8' areas. That means you need a total of 6 sheets.

How do you get the answer to how many sheets of plywood are needed to completely cover a rectangle shaped floor measuring 16 feet by 12 feet?

Multiply the width by the length, for area. So, 16x12=192Answer:American measured plywood comes in 4x8 sheets. The floor would be 2 sheets long (2x8=16) and 3 sheets wide (4x3=12) so you would need 3x2=6 sheets.

How many pieces of 4x8 plywood needed to do a floor 16x12?


How many 4' x 8' rectangular plywood sheets does it take to completely cover a 16' x 12' rectangular floor?

6 sheets. To figure this out I calculated the square footage of the room (16x12=192) and divided it by the square footage of each sheet of plywood (4x8=32). Answer: 192/32 = 6 sheets.

How many sheets of 4x8 plywood do you need to complete a floor that is a rectangle 16x12?

4-ft x 8-ft = 32 square feet16-ft x 12-ft = 192 square feet192/32 = 6You need six (6) sheets, and if you arrange them properly (3 widths wide by 2 lengths long),then they drop right in and you don't have to cut anything.

How do you find the area of a rectangle that is 16 inches by 1 foot?

16x12=_ and there you go zac 10

What is 16 dozen?


How many inches would you need if you had 189 inches and needed to go to 16 feet?

16' = 16x12" = 192". So you need 3 more inches

How many square feet is 12 wide by 16 deep?


What is the diagonal of 16x12?

The length of the diagonal is found using the Pythagorean theoremIt is the square root of (162 +122 )=the square root of 400=20Note, if you know about 3,4,5 triangles, then you could multiple each number by 4 and have a12,16,20 triangle. The rectangle in question if made of two of those.

How big is 16x12 in square feet?

If the given dimensions are in feet then 16 times 12 = 192 square feet